What Is a Himalayan Salt Wall?

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Salt therapy is becoming increasingly popular across the world. Because of this, most spas and some homes are switching to Himalayan salt wall interiors. They are known for their benefits and unique natural colors that create a relaxing environment.

If you are considering installing a Himalayan salt wall, you need to know how it works, how to install it, and the benefits.

Himalayan Salt Wall

This refers to walls designed using Himalayan salt. These walls are built using Himalayan salt bricks and tiles.

Spas turn to these designs for their salt rooms because natural Himalayan salt décor items create a soothing environment for their clients. These walls have also become popular in regular homes due to their air-cleansing properties.

Why Should You Use Himalayan Salt on Your Walls?

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Most salt rooms use applied sea salt or non-organic adhesives. However, this is not as therapeutic as Himalayan salt. You can use Himalayan salt bricks or tiles to construct your walls because they are unadulterated, have no additives, or are made using a rigorous refining process.

Himalayan salt is usually in its purest form after extraction from the original reserves. Therefore, salt walls are constructed using Himalayan salt bricks to provide halotherapy in wellness centers and spas.

Things to Consider Before Installing Himalayan Salt Walls

If you want to install Himalayan salt walls in your home, wellness center, or spa, you need to know all about the installation process. You can use either pink or white Himalayan salt brick to add a decor or architectural element to your salt therapy project.

The Budget

Before installing your Himalayan salt wall, you need to remember that salt bricks are costly. Think about your budget before choosing your wall design.

For instance, a wall made of salt bricks only would be more costly than a panel of salt bricks on a standard wall. Once you have decided on your budget, you can get the best home or wellness spa option.

The Weather

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Once you decide to build a Himalayan salt wall, you need to confirm that the area is free from water, rain, or humidity.

Your wall should be built indoors where it’s protected from any kind of moisture. This is important because moisture can affect the quality of your Himalayan salt bricks. Otherwise, if you let in a lot of moisture, your walls will degrade much faster and become costly to maintain.


If your walls are entirely covered using salt bricks, you can add light to provide a warm effect. This will complement your venue, especially if you need to create a relaxed environment for your spa clients. However, if you are on a budget, you can add small sections of salt bricks.

The Benefits of a Himalayan Salt Wall

Building a Himalayan salt wall comes with several benefits;

  • Unique Aesthetic: Himalayan Salt Décor items such as floor salt, bricks, panels, boulders, and rocks come with a unique aesthetic. Once you install one, it gives your space an excellent look. You can design a salt room that looks like the salt caves in Eastern Europe.
  • Calming Environment: Spas and wellness centers go for Himalayan salt walls because of their relaxing nature.
  • Clears Impurities: Himalayan salt is made up of beneficial trace minerals. They can clear out impurities that are present in the air.
  • Wellness Booster: Himalayan pink salt walls absorb toxins from the body and stimulate detoxification and cellular repair.  This enhances the immunity system.

Are Himalayan Salt Walls Eco-Friendly?

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Fortunately, these salt walls are eco-friendly. When you warm them, they emit negative ions that create a relaxed environment and purify the air.

Maintaining a Himalayan Salt Wall

Once you install the Himalayan salt wall in your house or spa, maintaining it is very easy. It would be best if you kept it dry and free from moisture at all times.

You can dust it off if it looks dusty with a brush or broom. You can also use some sanitizer and wipe the wall dry. If you notice that the wall has salt crystals, this could be due to excessive moisture in the room.

You should clean up the crystals immediately and ensure that the moisture levels are always low. The more you expose your Himalayan salt wall panel to moisture, the faster it will degrade.

Choosing Himalayan Bricks for Your Wall

Before you install the Himalayan salt wall, you need to have a clear understanding of the requirements. Himalayan salt bricks for walls and tiles come in standard and custom shapes, sizes, and color variations.

All bricks are different; therefore, you should choose the ones that go through stringent quality production procedures. This ensures that architectural standards are met for structure, compliance, consistency of product, and color variations. You also need quality Himalayan salt bricks for walls to make installation easier.

If you want to install a Himalayan salt wall panel from the salt chamber, you need to know that:

  • You can get pink salt bricks if you need a Himalayan pink salt wall. There are also bricks in rare white.
  • The sizes range from 4” x 4” to 10” x 16”.
  • You can get smooth or rough-cut finishes.
  • The bricks withstand heat; therefore, they can be used in dry salt saunas.


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Himalayan salt walls are a great addition to your home or spa. Apart from creating a relaxing environment, they change how your room appears.

You can get Himalayan salt bricks and tiles in different designs depending on the needs of your home. In addition, they also come in custom shapes, sizes, and colors.

If you are looking to switch to salt décor, Himalayan salt walls will boost your aesthetic and improve your house design. Such salt rooms can be built in hours at a fraction of the cost as long as you work with an experienced partner.

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