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Wellness: A Holistic Approach

Wellness is equally as important as your health.

According to WHO, “wellness is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Wellness is an ongoing process of taking appropriate steps towards a healthy and positive life. It is key to leading a fulfilling life.

Wellness is not only the absence of disease but also an approach towards leading a life that is full of liveliness. 

Importance Of Wellness

Why is wellness so essential for us?

It sounds like a pretty much simple question, but it is actually of utmost importance. Wellness is always used with health because it has a significant impact on our body’s health. Wellness plays a substantial role in advancing age; good food habits and proper nutrition help us to stay away from multiple life-threatening diseases.

Pillars Of Wellness

Holistic health and wellness are sustained by eight essential components, and they include; emotional, physical, nutritional, social, intellectual, spiritual, environmental, and financial. 

1.      Physical

Physical wellness refers to regular physical activity to maintain a good physique. But exercise is not the only component; it also includes personal hygiene, good nutrition, and proper sleep. For adequate rest, an adult should get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night.

2.      Emotional

As the name indicates, emotional wellness refers to complete collection and sharing of your emotions with your closed ones. This is essential as we all go through some rough patches in our life. It is the ability to navigate and share our feelings that allows us to stay sane and stable in those trying times.

3.      Nutritional

Based on your age, built, and sex, you might have different dietary needs than others. Full inclusion of fruits, vegetables, and cereals are equally crucial for proper nutrition. A proper diet equips your body with macronutrients that give your body energy.

4.      Social

Social wellness mainly refers to socializing with the people around you. Taking care of every situation with a firm stand is the crucial point. If developed properly, this pillar helps you to face any problem that arises later in life. 

The world is now a global village thanks to the advanced technology, and you can use social networks to create a reliable support system for yourself.

5.      Intellectual

The human mind is full of curiosities, and this is where intellectual wellness gets strength by continually engaging the mind. Training your mind to take part in active debates or other community activities helps improve your intellectual wellness. 

6.      Spiritual

Spiritual wellness has a different look with everyone. It is usually seen as a sense of purpose, direction, or outlook. Some others talk about meditation, prayer, and other ways to connect to nature’s highest power. 

7.      Financial

Financial stress might be a significant setback in your holistic wellness. It would help if you were financially sound to lead your life happily. It might take time, but small steps can make a huge impact. 

8.      Environmental

Environmental wellness refers to your relationship with your surrounding people and the place where you live. Being in good terms with the community helps to strengthen your environmental wellness. 

Final Words

The meaning of what wellness is all about and the approaches to wellness changes from one person to another. Wellness, however, is the last but the essential resort towards a healthy life. You need to assess all your eight pillars and focus on each to reach your body and soul’s holistic wellness. 

It would help if you built every pillar correctly to have holistic wellness and good health, leading to a happy life. 

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