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Waxing 101: The Difference Between French, Bikini, & Brazilian Wax

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If you are one of those guys who are still embracing the Amazonian jungle down there, move on! Trim or at least shave it off.

You may want to consider waxing if you don’t want to deal with the skin irritation caused by shaving, tweezing, and plucking body hair.

The bikini you want to wear for summer in the Bahamas requires a silky smooth finish around the bikini line, and waxing delivers just that.

Although a little pain is included in the process, it’s better to know the various waxing ways for the perfect summer bikini line. It all depends on the amount of hair you want off your skin.

French, Bikini, & Brazillian Wax

1. Bikini Wax

It deals with the bikini area, which goes all the way from areas below the navel, around the panty line, to the sides of your thighs. 

First-timers who’ve been looking forward to a beach vacation all year opt for this. It also prepares them for more painful future sessions.

Since it is daunting to have a stranger explore your most sensitive places on the body, those who are a little shy to remove their panties can do with this.

However, it doesn’t take off much hair.

2. French Wax

Similar to the bikini wax, it leaves a tiny bit of hair behind. A little strip or an inverted triangular patch of hair is left at the front. Contrary to the Brazilian style, the hair at the butt area is left.

Unlike the bikini wax, which can be done with panties on, it sometimes requires clients to remove their panties. 

It works if you want hair off the front, but want to keep the one at the back.

3. Brazilian wax

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It is the most popular of the three. However, your pain nerves require massive muscles for this. It is nothing close to roses and rainbows.

It is ideal if you want your whole pubic center to be left bare. It requires great self-esteem, and that’s why beginners will not opt for this. You will have to spread your legs for an in-between service, and bend down for the technician’s better look.

Unlike the other two ways, it lasts longer since hair grows back much slower.

Waxing Etiquette

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Although it may seem obvious, remember to shower beforehand since the waxer needs to get up-close and personal, and you may want to make it convenient for them.

Do not book an appointment during that time of the month, better still, confirm from the technician for conditions under which you can be attended to.


Remember, you are in control of the service, and you can choose what works for you. It is wise to ensure the technician knows your desires, therefore, inform them of your taste.

The pain only occurs during the initial sessions. You only hurt in the subsequent sessions if you put your mind on it.

 And hey, remember, it gets easier depending on how often you wax. Four to six weeks is best.

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