Unique Honeymoon Ideas: 5 Alternative Romantic Escapes

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Are you looking for an exotic and terrific honeymoon destination? A trip for both of you can bring out an overwhelming experience and tone of lifetime memories. Besides, there are many incredible places you can escape as a couple for honeymooning.

Whether you want to relax on the beach with a cocktail at hand, wildlife adventure, or you want to enjoy zip-wiring through a rainforest- your dream is to have an epic adventure. However, creating unforgettable memories is vital for any newly wedded couple.

Decidedly, you can consider a unique place with a relaxing and romantic ambiance. Obvious, it can be an overwhelming process to pick an intimate honeymoon destination to enjoy life after.

Here is a write-down of nuptial escapes for you and your better half.

Skylodge Adventure Suites in Peru

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Skylodge Suite is a perfect place to adventure as a new couple. It is equipped with all sorts of amenities for any couple looking forward to spicing their love after the wedding. However, to be comfortable in this place, you must be a daring couple that can take unimaginable heights.

Skylodge Suite is 1,200 feet above the ground, with glass windows for a clear view of the greatness of space. Such a unique way to enjoy your honeymoon!

The escapade now is to hike to your suite or consider a zipline. Also, you will be served with gourmet dinner while on the rooftop of this fabulous suite. Have a taste of an adventurous honeymoon in Peru by hiking through Inca ruins.

Explore Wildlife on Galapagos Islands

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A lot of people love wildlife adventure, and I hope you are one of them as a couple. You will love everything about the incredible Galapagos Islands.

It is such an intimate way to sail to the uninhabited Galapagos Islands while having a chance to see giant tortoises, Galapagos penguins, and iguanas. Moreover, coupling around the remote and protected island spices love life.

Most importantly, choosing a ship that will comfortably take you through the waters is advantageous. In Galapagos, there are various ships depending on the route you want to take. Besides, you can engage Rainforest Cruises to advise you on the most suitable ship for a memorable honeymoon experience in Galapagos Islands.

Vacation on a Tanzania Game Reserve

five zebra grazing on grass field
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Though it’s an expensive vacation for honeymooners on a budget, it’s a place you can create memories. During high season a night can go for $1500 per person.

Check out the Faru Faru Lodge to kick off your marriage in a wild way. It’s over the top if you love wild reserves. But it would be best if you were guided through the game reserve by professionals.

Still, you will enjoy Singita Balloon Safari up the sky in an air balloon in this game reserve while viewing the Serengeti landscape. You’ll have a view of birds flying around.

Head to the Atacama Desert in Chile for an Epic Honeymoon

brown field near mountain under cloudy sky
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Are you searching for a lovely getaway for your honeymoon? Atacama Desert in Chile should be on your top list.

Just beside the Pacific Ocean, this is the world’s driest desert. Don’t imagine the dryness, but this desert is tossed with awesome flowers during September-November. It’s the best season and place to watch the sunset with the nature of the flowers.

Grab your glasses of wine at Moon Valley and have a look at the setting sun while viewing how the Andes change color hourly. This is an unconventional honeymoon stay as you’ll see the largest salt flat in Salar de Atacama in Chile.

Other adventures include floating in saltwater, stargazing as a couple, sandboarding in dunes, and volcano climbing. But remember the best season to visit is between June to September and you can stay in elegant hotels such as W Santiago.

Explore the Ancient Temples in Southern Asia

ta prohm temple in cambodia
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Visiting Cambodia and Laos is an actual definition of adventure and relaxation. Ideal for twosomes, you can hike around the ancient temples of Angkor Wat or relax at the glorious Shinta Mani Resort.

If you want to taste French and Asian culture, take a flight to Luang Prabang. It’s a city along the Mekong River in Northern Laos where there is kayaking and biking while shopping for anything you need. Also, it’s a city with the best food, not forgetting Myanmar celebrated for gold pagodas and ancient temples of the ninth century.

It’s all about an exciting trip for your honeymoon!

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