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Things To Bring To A Hostel

We are always faced with the same question whenever traveling. What things should I pack for my stay in a hostel? It is easy to forget some essential stuff as well as carrying things you don’t really need.

Staying in a hostel is cheaper compared to hotels. You also get to meet new people.  Most hostels have bunk beds, and your bed is your only space. You have to share other spaces like showers, eating areas and a room with other people.

This means you are not guaranteed of snore-free, quiet nights, and clean towels. So you might need to bring with you some extra items to make your stay easy. We compiled a list of items that you may consider packing.

10 Essential Things You Should Bring To A Hostel

1. Toiletries

Unlike in hotels, most hostels do not offer toiletries. If you want to shampoo your hair and shower with soap, you have to bring them with you. Also remember to pack toothpaste and toothbrush, sanitary towels, body lotion, hairbrush, deodorant, and other toiletries you may need.

You can look for travel-sized toiletries at the local store. You are only allowed to carry 100ml of liquids, gels, and creams or less in your hand-held bag through the checkpoint at the airport.

There are “travel-size toiletries,” which are more than 100ml. Do not buy the lies.

2. A Quick Dry Towel

Most hostels do not offer towels, and when they do, it’s at a fee. You can avoid spending by carrying a travel towel that dries quickly and doesn’t take up much space. A lightweight, anti-bacterial, quick-drying travel towel is ideal.

3. Earplugs

You will have different types of people as your roommates. You’re not guaranteed a snore-free night.  You may find out too late that your newly-found friend and roommate snores like a tractor.

Or perhaps another occupant in the hostel had too much to drink in the wee hours of the night, and when they come back, you can’t sleep.

Earplugs come in handy at times like these. Not only in hostels, but you can also use them during flights and in trains when you want to relax. Earplugs with noise-canceling abilities are a gem!

4. A Sleeping Mask

Sometimes you just can’t sleep during the day or with the lights on. You cannot switch off the lights in the hostel when the others need them-it is selfish! A sleeping mask will be your friend at such times.

Maybe you need to nap when on flights? An eye mask will help you do that. Look for the ones made from silk as they are very comfortable. Whether you are a sleepyhead or not, a sleeping mask will always prove to be essential when staying in a hostel.

5. Padlock

A padlock should be in the list of must-haves when packing your bag. What for? You may wonder. Well, for starters, sometimes you will put aside your bags when traveling.

Either in the bus station, train station, or airport during flight transfers. It would be best if you made sure the items in your bag are safe, and a padlock does the trick.

You will be staying with people you don’t know, and while most guests in the hostel are good people, it is not wise to leave your things all over. If you have valuables like a laptop or camera, it is a good idea to lock them up.

Look for a lightweight and small padlock that can fit almost all lockers. A coded lock is even better since you don’t have to worry about losing the key.

6. Pajamas

Most likely, you’ll be sleeping in a shared space. If not, you will still have to walk around to the shared bathroom. It’s therefore wise to carry some PJs.

A pair of leggings or shorts will do. I wouldn’t want to roam around strangers with my booty popping out.

7. A Pair of Flip Flops

In hostels, the showers are usually shared. Trust me; you don’t want to step inside bare-footed. You will definitely not like someone sharing their foot fungi with you.

You’ll also need them when you tour the beach or relax in the hostel garden. A well-fitting, comfortable pair will do.

8. A Travel Adapter and Power Bank

You will need to charge your phone and other gadgets and a plug are required. Go for a universal adapter that you can use anywhere in the world. One with USB ports is even better.

A power bank will come in handy when your battery is drained, and you can’t plug your charger into a socket for various reasons. Pack a lightweight power bank with longer battery life. You may never know when you’ll need it.

9. Entertainment

These may be things you enjoy doing. Books, a journal, games, photography-you don’t have to get bored in your hostel room.

Books, whether audio, paperbacks, or kindle-will light up your travel time. Get lost in the pages or listen to podcasts or audiobooks on a train, on the beach, or flights.

An even more exciting way to spend time with your roommates and get to know each other is by playing games. You can pack a card or board game that does not take up much space.

You will thank yourself years later when you see the memories you captured on your camera during your stay in a hostel. If you enjoy taking photos, pack a lightweight camera to capture moments. If you love writing, consider carrying a journal.

10. A Day Bag

Since you will not be walking around with your bag full of clothes, you might need a day bag to put things when you go out.

You can carry a light backpack that will comfortably serve you.


Staying in a hostel is all fun. You meet new people and have an experience of a lifetime. To make it more worthwhile, pack up the above items, and you can expect an excellent stay.

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