The Greenest Cities to Visit in the World

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Are you contemplating going for a trip to one of the beautiful greenest cities around the globe? You should not fret as there are various options. Green cities offer a fascinating green space for extraordinary relaxation. So, be ready for an exciting and memorable vacation but first, let’s look at how these cities get to be green.

How Do Green Cities Achieve the Green Goal?

Green cities make efforts to keep a friendly environment for the wellbeing of their residents. This is by; using renewable energy, encouraging organic farming, and proper disposal of waste.

Also, banning the use of plastics, setting aside bike lanes, and even creating recycling programs makes them meet UN sustainable development goals. It’s time to explore the five fantastic green cities you can visit.

5 Greenest Cities to Visit in the World

1.     Vancouver in Canada

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Located in western Canada, Vancouver is one of the biggest cities in Canada and one of the greenest cities in the world. It faces the wild mountains of Colombia and the Pacific Ocean. Vancouver uses renewable energies and hydro-power; you can imagine how clean the air is.

The city also has exquisite parks, restaurants, and bars. The biggest park in Vancouver is Stanley Park, which has breathtaking beaches, seawalls, and a West Coast rainforest.

2.     Copenhagen in Denmark

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Copenhagen has been voted as the greenest city many times because it prioritizes eco incentives. It highly invests in green alternatives, ensuring the residents’ safety. Copenhagen is a city with a vision to beat all odds and become the first CO2-neutral city before 2025.

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This city has a lot of cycle lanes because most residents prefer cycling. It’s also a city that values organic farming – one of the reasons why you will enjoy organic eating in their restaurants.

Some of the places you can visit while in the city include Tivoli Gardens – a beautiful historic park, Strøget Shopping Mile, Nyhavn Harbor – where you can see museum ships dating from 1885.

3.     Amsterdam in the Netherlands

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Amsterdam is a famous green city found in the Netherlands. The city has an exceptional cycling infrastructure, one of the reasons why it has more bicycles than the residents! To make the city even greener, people are now encouraged to use electric transport instead of regular cars.

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Amsterdam is also strict on food disposal. Taste Before You Waste is an example of an organization that educates the residents on the importance of waste-free consumption. They collect unused foods from the locals and supermarkets and take them to charities.

Some of the places you can visit while in the city include The Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, and Vondelpark.

4.     Ljubljana in Slovenia

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In 2016, Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital city, was named the best European Green Capital. It’s a city between beautiful Croatia, Italy, and Australia with everything you ever wish to have a taste of as a traveler.

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The City of Ljubljana has beautiful waterfalls and mountains to hike. The transport system is eco-friendly as people walk, cycle, and use buses that run on natural gases or urban electric trains. Ljubljana takes care of the older adults who walk with difficulties by ensuing they get free transport through Kavalir.

Dragon Bridge – has exquisite dragon statues, Ljubljana Castle, National Gallery of Slovenia, and The Cathedral are some of the places you can visit.

5.     Stockholm in Sweden

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Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden and one of the greenest cities in the world. It achieves this by adopting sustainable habits such as encouraging people to use bio-fuel generated from its sewage instead of petroleum fuels.

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The city also has a good number of cycling lanes and a lot of eco-friendly supermarkets and restaurants. There are also many elegant outdoor eco spaces for you to explore in Stockholm. You can visit parks such as Kungsträdgården, Berzelii Park, Tantolunden, and Vasaparken.

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