The Best Rock N’ Roll Albums of All Time

People have different tastes and preferences for music and therefore, for the longest time, it has been hard for even professionals to pick the best rock album. Being objective when it comes to music is also impossible because everyone has a unique taste. But despite this being the case, there are some rock and roll albums that the larger percentage agrees on being among the best.

Top Rock N’ Roll Albums Of All Times

1. Revolver – The Beatles

Revolver #ad

Picking the best album by the Beatles is not an easy task as all their albums are simply on another level of greatness. But it is hard to argue that Revolver is the one album that deserves to be on top. The songwriting and the musicianship that is curated in this album is bold and it opened up a new era of music.

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2. Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd

The Dark Side of the Moon [Explicit] #ad

After the success of their first album, The Piper at the Gate of Dawn, Pink Floyd had a rough time getting back on their feet but once they did, they came back with a bang with this album.

Everything from the dynamics and the scope was epic. It also featured a great album cover which was designed by the legendary Storm Thorgerson. Dark Side of the Moon stayed on the billboard for a whopping 741 weeks from 1973 to 1988. Now that is legendary!

3. A Night at the Opera – Queen

A Night At The Opera #ad

A Night at the Opera is an album album that is full of beautiful and incredible songs of all time. The songs were written by all four of them and sang by three. The album is comprised of many styles that are all pleasing to listen to.

Bohemian Rhapsody remains to be the most outstanding six minutes song ever created that comprises different genres in one song and this and other Queen’s songs made them a genre of their own.

4. Highway to Hell – AC/DC

Highway to Hell #ad

Highway to Hell was the final album that Bon Scott did before he passed away. It was fitting goodbyes as the album went on to become their breakthrough record with 10 tracks of nothing but pure solid rock and roll.

5. Paranoid – Black Sabbath

Paranoid (2014 Remaster) #ad

Paranoid is the one album that once could say that is the blueprint for heavy metal. It has some of the most unique sounds out of almost all the heavy metal albums.

6. Back In Black – AC/DC

Back In Black #ad

Back In Black was the next album that the band produced after the death of Bon Scott as a tribute to him. It has some of the most amazing guitar work. This album was the best album of their career.


The rock and roll era began back in 1966 and this was debuted by the Beatles’ album Revolver. Since then, the rock and roll industry have become more and more dynamic with there being different sub-genres such as metal, heavy metal, punk rock, soft rock, classic rock and many more. The above list is just a fraction of epic rock and roll albums which will never go out of style no matter how old they are.


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