The Best Performances From 2020 Grammy Awards

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The 62nd Grammy Awards were not your ordinary award season. All-time great performers with a blend of new blood served the show.

Billie Eilish owned the night taking home five awards, including the big four: best new artist, record, song, and album of the year.

Get her the gifts that keep on giving. The best of style and performance.

Performers stood out, most of them delivering tearing and mind-blowing spectacles that will stay etched in you for a long time.

5 Performers That Stood Out At The 2020 Grammy Awards

1. Demi Lovato

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The audience couldn’t hide its tears when Demi Lovato walked on stage with a powerful ballad, after a drug overdose back in 2018. Her song, Anyone, which she wrote four days to hospitalization, earned her a standing ovation from the crowd. It was raw and overwhelmingly moving.

Not even the chokes and the tears in between her performance stopped her from delivering the vocals. She was and still is, our Demi Lovato, the gifted and soulful vocalist.

2. Tyler The Creator

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The stage was blazing hot, thanks to Earfquake and New Magic Wand from this California native. He donned a pink and magenta color suit, and his signature bowl cut wig that was hard to miss during the colorful performance.

The stage heightened with Tyler’s unparalleled zeal when he collaborated with R&B bigwig Charlie Wilson for an eccentric rhythm of his song, Earfquake.

The scenery around him during the delivery of New Magic Wand was one of a kind. With fire raging in houses around them, and a crater formed in a fake suburban neighborhood, into which he fell at the end of his performance; this man gave the event everything it sorely needed.

The moment was magnetic, magical, and the performance, one that’ll linger in our minds for ages.

3. Nipsey Hussle’s Tribute

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Nipsey hit the correct tone, with fellow performers showcasing their A-game during the tribute performance. The whole squad of Meek Mill and YG Rapping, John Legend stroking his fingers on the piano while singing, a choir donned in white clothes dancing and Kirk Franklin taking us to heaven, couldn’t have done better.

He graced the moment with raping at some point during the Kobe Bryant tribute, with image projections of him and Kobe Bryant showing on the screen. The tribute performance was supposed to be a sad one, but it was awkwardly tasty.

4. Lizzo

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She deserved holding eight nominations. The girl went down to an electric start with endearing vocals belting out Cuz I Love You and befitting lyrics, in a black ballgown surrounded by a graceful orchestra.

If you think her first was a little bit low key, wait till you hear the song she changed to, Truth Hurts, with her team gearing a ballet vibe.

The playful and joyful mama wasn’t done with the crowed yet until she signed down her Sasha Flute. The dazzled audience just had to get on their feet for this one. Damn!

5. Alicia Keys


The serenade she pulled for the crowd was a juggle between focusing on the event and breaking down for Kobe Bryant, who’d died in a helicopter crash on January 26.

She hit the notes on the Boyz II men’s Its Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday with the group. She did justice to Lewis Capaldi’s Someone You Loved, as well as the event, till the end.

She was Alicia Keys, after all.


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Despite the somberness blanketing the show in the beginning, it was still exciting with these crème de la crème performers making it better.

It is always getting better. We can’t wait for 2021 already.

If your favorite performance was left out, please share it with us in the comment section below. 

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