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The Art Of Kissing: The Dos & Don’ts

Kissing is one of the pleasures that you get to enjoy when shared with people you love.  It is a way of showing our affection towards our loved ones. Kissing is an art and a good kiss has the power to make anyone weak in the knees – feel immortal even!

This beautiful pleasure can also be dreadful if done wrong and this is why you need to know the dos and don’ts before making your move.

The Dos

1. Remember your mints

Nobody wants to kiss someone with stinking breath – it’s ungodly! If you are on a date and you think that you might get to lock lips later, make sure that you have your breath freshener with you.  This not only implies for the kisses but also when talking to someone, always make sure you have good breath if you want a second date.

2. Use your hands

Use your hands to gently caress your partner while kissing. It shows that you are not entirely lost and that you are still thinking about your partner. This will draw your partner more to you.

3. Find your signature kiss

This will be like a secret code and it is also a sweet and cute way to initiate a makeout session with your partner if you are feeling shy to ask them directly.

4. Mix things up

Start soft and slow and then accelerate in the speed. Include some lip biting and some tongue action.  You don’t want to be a borrowing kisser who just alternates between pecks and needling on one lip for the entire time.

5. Kiss your partner when they least expect it

This is both sweet and cute and it shows that you are confident enough with your partner to show it despite the place you are and when it is.

The Don’ts

1. Don’t kiss when you still have gum in your mouth

This can lead to the worst make-out session. Your partner will not be enjoying as he or she will spend the entire time trying to avoid the gum getting stuck to their lips.

2. Don’t let your teeth crash the party

You don’t want to cause your partner or your date any pain. If you have not mastered the art of biting the lip gently, avoid it completely.

3. Don’t lack enthusiasm

When you are kissing someone and you completely lack the enthusiasm and the passion for it, it will almost immediately turn off your partner. The kissing game is best played by two and if one party is left to play alone, they may feel neglected.

4. Don’t introduce your saliva in the mix

Wet kisses can be sweet and passionate but when they get too sloppy, they turn to be a disaster. Nothing is more annoying and disgusting than getting your mouth filled up with someone else’s saliva.

5. Don’t start with the tongue

Keep this in mind especially if it’s your first date. You want to start slow and when you have built enough intimacy you can start introducing your techniques to the game.


When kissing someone, remember that you are both in this so relax and stop worrying about how you will perform. Enjoy the fact that your relationship has moved upwards and be immersed at the moment. Happy kissing!

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