Slow Travel: What It Is & How To Get The Best Experience

Are you wondering how can embellish your next travel experience? This detailed guide will provide you with all the necessary details on how to improve the way you see/experience it.

Before that, let me just explain what slow travel is. In layman terms – slow traveling is nothing but staying at a destination for an extended period of time while you embrace the culture of that place.

This especially works for those who don’t want to rush into different destinations after spending a day or two. Well, that is one way to travel, believe me, I have done the same too.

I, too, have traveled just to see the most attractive destination then jumped to another. This is an effective method to see places, not to experience them.


For example, Let’s just imagine, you are walking down the streets of Italy on a beautiful evening, yet you are thinking about how your next weekend in New York will be. It’s like you are traversing the streets without basking in your surroundings and already thinking about your next destination. This is called Not Living the Moment.

Looking at all the times, I could have spent roaming the streets instead of sitting in my hotel room is such a turn-off. Well, as always, you learn from your mistakes, and I decided that every second you don’t enjoy is every second you waste not learning something new.

I’ll share my detailed guide on how you can have an excellent slow traveling experience. Let’s get started…

1.   Give Up the Traveler Mindset

Get rid of the traveler mindset and see the world through the eyes of a native. You have come to live here, start thinking like a native. Keep your daylight and breezy; always be open to changes: no fixed timelines, no prior planning. Rent out a place for a month or two, don’t think about booking your return ticket until you have totally experienced the place.

2.   Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk

Being a native means taking a walk instead of hailing a taxi for your local tours. When you walk, you breathe in the air and experience the aura the place provides. You may start inhaling the smell from the famous hot-dog place that is right around the corner, which you would have missed.

Talk to the people in the market, ask them where you can get food, and cook for yourself. It’s nice to eat the local cuisine too, but it’s good to cook to save up money as you are in no rush.

3.   Be Ready to Converse

I used to be scared to open up during my initial travel days. Now I can start a conversation and fortuitously be invited for lunch/dinner. It’s good to talk to others – why would you go to a distant land and still feel conscious about yourself.

If you have something in your chest that you always wanted to get rid of, now is the chance – they won’t even judge you. If you can’t start a conversation, at least a smile would go a long way. They are more than happy to talk to someone from the outside and ask how your experience here so far is.

4.    Blend In

As you know that you are going to be spending a few days here. It’s better to start dressing up like you are going to the supermarket. You are less likely to get conned on the way when compared to your touristy clothes. Here is a link that provides you with how blending in with locals can save you from unnecessary scams. Start taking the local transportation like buses or tuk-tuks; they open up your perspective and alleviate your travel experience.

5.   Pace Yourself

Why are you in a hurry? Slow your timeline; exploring the whole place and learning about it will take a lot of time. So, know how you can spend each time doing something new.

I remember when we walked around the coffee estates of Coorg, Karnataka, India, where we learned how each variety of coffee is segregated to cater to the needs of caffeinated people.

6.   Open Your Eyes

Be observant, keep looking up at the sky or move your gaze; you are more likely to spot something interesting like a gathering or a festival than looking at your 4-inch phone screen. If you travel by bike, make sure to explore each road, as each road leads to a different adventure. Note them down in your travel journal as these written words last forever than your faint memory as you age.

7.   Embrace Local Life

Make sure to visit a place after seeing the dates of their festivals; you are more likely to socialize with others. For example, visiting Spain during the La Tomatina festival or India during Diwali can be a different experience altogether.

If you think the place offers a good variety of cuisine and if you are intrigued by it, why not ask a local restaurant to teach you a few recipes. They would be happy to help you with it.

Finally, I am not saying that these steps are mandatory for your next travel, but they can be your stepping stones to better your travel experience in the future. No methods or steps can guarantee you lead an adventurous life if you don’t step out of your own comfort zone. However, adapting these steps as you go about your travels should put you on the path to experience, live the moment, and share the same with others.

To read more about my travel expeditions or want to hear more from me. You can visit me here.

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