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Signs A Woman Is Attracted To You That You Can’t Miss

Women are extraordinary creatures with psychological traits you can’t understand. However, they are not as complex as most individuals would think. It’s easy to know what is in the mind of a woman who is already attracted to you.

In this article, I will provide insights on how to know a woman is attracted to you. But before that, let’s look at some of the things you need to do to make a woman attracted to you.

How To Make A Woman Get Attracted To You

Dress well – looks do not deceive

The way you dress as a man will make a woman be attracted to you or not to be around you. A good spray, well-ironed clothes, polished shoes, and well-kept hair are part of grooming to make you attractive.

Have good manners

Having admirable habits is one of the key tips to make women get attracted to you. Always ensure that what you do when in the company of women is worth emulating.

For instance, when you are out for dinner, and you happen to be served first, wait for everyone to receive their plate. Good manners contribute positively to your life and make everyone want to be associated with you. It’s, therefore, essential to watch how you behave in the presence of her family and friends.

Respect women

When you respect women, they will want to be in your company over and over again. Respect them with words and actions.

There are so many ways to show respect to women, which will be a plus to you as a man. Nothing disgusts like being in a company of a man who says or does anything that comes to their mind without considering how others feel.

Maintain eye contact in conversations

Maintaining straight eye contact shows confidence. It increases your chance of talking to a woman. When you look at a woman directly in the eye and smile, you have won all the attention you need to strike a conversation.

Strike a spike

When in the company of women, be unique. Enjoy being with them, put on a happy face with smiles. This will make women want to join in the next time. In short, they will somehow chase you.

7 Signs A Woman Is Attracted To You

When a woman is smitten with love, you will hardly fail to notice. Here are some signs that a woman is attracted to you.

1.   You are her priority as a friend

When a woman is attracted to you, nothing else is important than you. She will answer your calls, emails, and messages without fail. She wants to make you happy because she values you.

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2.    She smiles at you

A woman who is attracted to you smiles at you at every opportunity. For all the jokes you make, she will laugh at them. This shows that she likes the idea of being with you.

3.    She maintains eye contact

Eye contact is a crucial indication that a woman is attracted to you. Looking at you directly in the eye shows that she likes the person she is talking to. Some women will even stare at you at the thought of the package that you are.

4.    Blushing as you converse

Some women blush when they are attracted to you. More often than not, when a woman is attracted to you and in your company, she will feel uncomfortable hence the blushing.

5.    She touches you at every opportunity

A woman who is attracted to you wants to have contact with you. She will intentionally or by mistake initiate a light touch. Studies show that touch is one way women use to flirt with a man or to indicate attraction.

6.    She embraces your ideas

When a woman is attracted to you, she will (without hesitation) agree to your suggestions. It can vary from the idea of the first date, a hike, a movie together, or a road trip.

7.    You become her go-to person

When a woman is attracted to you, she will look for opportunities to reach out to you. For instance, she will want you to teach her stuff and ask you many questions.


It’s not rocket science to identify a woman who is attracted to you. You need to be keen on body language, which is a key sign of attraction.

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