Sex at Work: How to Have Sex with a Co-Worker

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Have you ever lusted over a co-worker? Well, you’re not alone. Many people want to or have had sex with their co-workers. As controversial as this topic might be, you can’t deny that people hook up with their colleagues. However, there are ways to go about maneuvering these murky waters.

Let’s look at how you can maintain a successful sexual relationship at work.

Discretion Is the Name of the Game

Rule number one; try your best to be as discreet as possible. We know! Sometimes the sex is too good, and you just want to shout from the rooftops. But that won’t get you far, especially if the work policy frowns upon workplace romance.

Talk to your partner and set this ground rule from the jump. That way, you won’t be caught off guard with unwarranted displays of affection or flirting in the office. Usually, a third party is likely to speculate, but without proof, it’s nothing but workplace gossip.

Take It for What It Is

Normally, it starts as a fun fling, and then someone develops feelings. Don’t let that be you, friend. Set clear boundaries from the beginning and understand that it is a sexual relationship. Granted, things may change in the future, but until you have a conversation, don’t perceive the relationship as anything more.

Steer Clear of Your Boss

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Screwing the boss is never a good idea unless you’re the spouse. Anyone with more authority than you or who reviews your performance is not the ideal sexual partner. The lines get blurry, creating a toxic workplace.

On the flip side, if you are clear and mature about the situation, you can be successful. But that’s a very big “if.” Also, hooking up with your employees might raise complications if you’re the boss. Some employees believe they deserve preferential treatment because they sleep with the boss. Are you ready for that?

Married Co-Workers Spell Trouble

This goes without saying; sleeping with a married co-worker is a recipe for disaster. When the spouse finds out, you should expect a showdown at your workplace or many angry texts. It’s not worth it.

Remember, no one likes a home wrecker. So, you are less likely to create solid workplace relationships if you mess with a married co-worker. Nonetheless, people always break this rule, and it’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons.

One-Night Stands Are a No-No

Drunken night outs with your colleagues and office parties are fun, but don’t wake up to a familiar face in the morning. Although it gives instant gratification, returning to work after getting intimate can be awkward and complicated. So, the next time you’re horny at happy hour, try looking elsewhere.

Talk to Your Boss

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Some professional organizations frown upon workplace romance, and others could care less. However, if your relationship transforms from a fling, it may be time to engage your superiors.

It may seem daunting, but sharing this information ensures you’re not overlooking company policies or being sneaky. In fact, the earlier you share this information, the better. You don’t want your boss to hear about your escapade from your colleagues, do you?

Don’t Share Too Much

It would be best to exercise moderation in case you share your escapades with co-workers. Nobody needs to know how Ben, in the next cubicle, moves his waist or the number of times he comes over for sex. That’s unnecessary.

Keep it professional and give them surface-level information to avoid gossip and unwarranted scrutiny. Furthermore, not everyone will be happy that you get to hook up with someone at the office.

For God’s Sake, Don’t Be Dramatic

We know that’s your man or woman; we do. No need to canoodle or flirt every two seconds at the office. Your colleagues don’t need that, and neither does your boss.

So, always stay professional and execute your duties, whether you’re fighting or madly into each other. Of course, some office fuck buddies rely on their partners to complete their responsibilities, but that’s a recipe for disaster.

Do Sneak a few Quickies

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This is not the best idea, but why not have fun if the environment allows it? Find spots where you can sneak away and have some steaming sex. If you’re brave enough, good examples are storage rooms, cubicles, parking lots, or the boss’ desk. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should walk into your boss’ office while he’s signing cheques and go crazy.

Office sex is ideal after hours or when there’s nobody around. There you have it. Having sex with a co-worker is not a crime, but doing it like a pro is more fun. So, please don’t be shy; utilize the tips above and let us know how that goes. All the best!

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