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Sacred Geometry & Anchor Tattoos: Types & Meanings

A tattoo is a practice of body decoration where specific patterns are made by implanting either permanent or temporally pigments or ink into the dermis layer of the skin. Tattooing is an ancient art that dates back centuries. 

One of the rising trends in permanent ink culture are the sacred geometry and anchor tattoo designs. These trends, just like all other types of tattoos, have different concepts that have different meanings.

Types Of Sacred Geometry Tattoos

1. Flower of life

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This design is one of the most archaic and popular patterns of the sacred geometry tattoo, and it is a common sight all over the world. The earliest tattoo with the flower of life layout is found in Egypt, and it dates back almost six thousand years ago, which is breathtaking.

This type of sacred geometry tattoo usually made up of seven or even more overlying yet often uniformly spaced spheres. It is referred to as the flower of life because when drawn out. The pattern forms a flower-like design with the symmetrical scheme of a hexagon.

This tattoo appearance is indistinguishable from the cellular structure, which is why most individuals regard it as the foundation of all life forms, including energy systems and the human body itself. Its tremendous rise in popularity is, therefore, as a direct result of it being thought-out as a symbol of the divine laws of our universe.

2. Mandalas

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This is the other layout of sacred geometrical tattoos, and it is the most prevalent scheme. Its acceptance is primarily attributed to its deep spiritual essence.

This design is usually a sphere that is accommodated in a square with different adjustments being made to these primary elements to either add more meaning or visual charm to the tattoo.

In traditional Buddhist and Hindu culture, the square had four gates on each side, which would directly open up into the sphere. This was done to show our attachment to the universe and also to show a radial balance.

Mandala designs are not only seen in Hindu and Buddhist religions, as they are also present in the Christian religion. Symbols such as the Celtic cross and the rosemary are perfect examples.

3. Genesa crystal

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This is one of the most modern motifs of the sacred geometry tattoo that is in existence. It was created in 1940 by an agricultural geneticist by the name of Derald Langham. This pattern is usually seen as a spheroid geometric sculpts with bands vacillating around it and is used to advocate for emotional control, health, mental clarity, and harmony.

4. The Gordian knot

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This pattern originates from the Greek folklore, which states that Gordius once tied up his ox-cart with a distinct tangle which he dedicated to Zeus. The knot was so intricate that everybody, including Alexander the Great, failed to untie it, compelling him to cut it with his sword.

The symbol of that knot has been passed down many generations to symbolize a severe issue that has no explanation. The pattern’s primary form is characterized by three or more interlinking bands. It is worn as a tattoo to symbolize the complicity of life and gratitude that we may never be able to solve the real secrets of our universe.

5. Nautilus shell

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This type of tattoo pursues the form of the golden spiral, and that is the primary reason why it has become a definitive motif of exemplifying the central evaluations of the universe and the golden ratio. Sacred geometry tattoos with nautilus shell patterns are beautiful, and they remind us of our affiliation to nature and why we should never distance ourselves from our ambiance.

Different Types And Meanings Of Anchor Tattoos

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Anchor tattoos are another type of tattoos that have gained a lot of popularity of late. An anchor tattoo usually means peace, strength, passion, and strength.

Individuals typically include other letters or symbols when getting an anchor tattoo, such as compasses, roses, wheels, ropes, and swallows, among many others.

The following are the different types of anchor tattoos available today.

1. USMC eagle, globe, and anchor

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This pattern is the motif of the U.S. Marine Corp where the eagle is meant to symbolize the state, globe represents the region which the Marines serve, and anchor being the indication of the tie between the United States Navy and the Marines.

2. Traditional anchor

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This type of pattern is usually bold and is often filled with solid colors and symbols such as bird designs, war designs, ships, hearts, pin-up girls, among others. These kinds of old-school anchor tattoos are often worn by individuals who work on ships or in the navy.

3. Rose anchor

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Anchor tattoos that have rose flowers are used to symbolize femininity and also to show the importance of the other person’s relationship partner. This tattoo can be worn in places such as on the thigh, on the arm, or on the wrist.

4. Couples anchor

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This is anchor tattoos that are specifically done on couples so as to signify their bond, which is meant to last forever. They both wear it on the same place of their choice.

5. Anchor with birds

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This is a classical and a prevalent pattern. The birds are used in this kind of tattoo to symbolize speed and quickness while the anchor symbolizes firmness and stability.


When it comes to anchor tattoos, there is no limit. Individuals can decide to add as many elements as they want the anchor to come up with their own unique anchor tattoo.

For example, sailboats, nautical symbols, mermaids, knots, ropes, or even names can be added to the anchor to create a unique anchor tattoo that will have the meaning you are looking for. So it’s okay to be creative when choosing the kind of tattoo you will wear as it does not have to be like that of someone else.

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