Pet Disaster Preparedness: All You Need To Know

Finding love in a hopeless place is just a phrase until you find furry companionship in the right pet. We go for pets for the satisfaction of our various needs; it may be as huge as finding something to keep you invested, or as silly as loving their smell, and develop affection for them.

Life is unpredictable and you never know when disaster might strike. The least you can do is to ensure that in case of any emergency, your pet is cared for.


Having a plan could go a long way in keeping your pet safe. Here is how you can prepare for any crisis with a pet in the way.

How To Prepare Yourself For A Pet Disaster

1. Beware Of Disasters From Your Region

Identifying disasters that can hit in your region is the first step to better planning. Being aware of the crisis that hit your places, especially those your hometown identifies, is a good way to start.

Some disasters are natural, for example, earthquakes, flooding, or tornadoes. Keeping note of other hits such as wildfires is wise too.

As much as you know what can hit, it is wiser to know evacuation routes around your hometown.

2. Make An Evacuation Plan

Although any form of evacuation is given to humans first, pets are left behind, and if they are saved, their lives change from having a good home and enough food to having nothing.

That can change if you take the initiative to include your pet in any form of evacuation. It starts by identifying where it can go during an emergency. You can list many options such as a relative or friend that can keep it, an animal shelter, its vet’s offices, or pet-friendly hotels.

For easier adoption or temporary stays, keep your pet’s medical records safe. It gives the rescuers the confidence to take in your pet. The rescuers require proof that the pets are safe and vaccinated.

3. Be Part Of Pet Sitting

We all need someone sometimes. Identify friends and neighbors with pets, and form a friendship. So that, in case of emergency or commitments that require your pet to be away, the friend can pet sit for you, or check in on your pet.

It goes two ways for this to be successful, though. You also need to be there, in case the friend needs someone to sit their pet. Ensure they know of your pet emergency kit, and where they can find it.

4. Have A Pet Emergency Kit

A basic pet disaster kit includes:

  • Medication and medical records – If your buddy has to get help, then their most important files need to be in clear proximity and reachable. You can store them in ‘waterproof’ containers or first aid kits.
  • Food and water – Pack canned pet food and gallons of water that can sustain it for at least a week.
  • Pictures and a description of your pet – Thishelps rescuers to identify your pet if you aren’t around, and proof that it is yours when you reunite.
  • Essential information – Writeabout your pet’s feeding schedule, behavior issues, medical scares, and the vet’s contacts in case you have to send it to foster care or boarding hotels.

Other additional packages include pet collar ID, an appropriate pet carrier with bedding, cat litter box, scoops, and garbage bags to collect pet’s poop.


Pets, just like humans, get frustrated and agitated during a crisis. Preparing for a disaster helps in ensuring their emotions and general well-being are catered for.

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