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Love During The Coronavirus: Make Valentine’s Day A Special One

There’s no doubt that Valentine’s Day is one of the most celebrated days globally. Whether you met your partner on hookup dating sites, through a mutual friend, or during your annual holiday – doesn’t matter. Thinking of out-of-this-world Valentine’s Day ideas that your soulmate will remember for decades can get stressful. 

With the pandemic still raging on, thinking of great Valentine’s Day date ideas can cause you a lot of anxiety. Luckily, even though the concept of having a Valentine’s Day special date with the apple of your eye seems far-fetched, it’s possible.

While things will be a little different for this year’s Valentine’s Day, there are many possibilities to make your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband or someone you like feel special. Here are some creative ideas to make your Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

Unique Valentine Day Date Ideas

1. Watch A Valentine’s Day Movie With Your Partner

If you’re on a tight budget and looking for simple Valentine’s Day ideas, this is a good one. Few things come close to rekindling the love you and your partner share – like a good romantic movie.

Of course, to make Valentine’s Day feel extra special, you’ve got to make sure there’s a nice bottle of wine, some warm popcorn, and a nice cozy blanket. All this, coupled with a love letter for your sweetheart and some flowers, will set the right mood for Valentine’s Day at home.

2. Get Some Sweet-Smelling Hand Cream for Your Partner

We know this Valentine’s Day idea seems a little odd, but think about it. During the pandemic, we’ve slathered on more hand sanitizer than we’d like to admit. Why not make Valentine’s Day special by making your partner worry less about dry hands?

In any case, all this washing requires you to get some salve on your hands. Get your loved one a sweet-smelling one for Valentine’s Day, so they can think about you every time they smell it.

3. Take a Bath Together

Another way to show your partner you care for them is by helping them keep themselves feeling clean and refreshed this Valentine’s Day. Slip a bath bomb into the bathwater, then scrub each other clean. Valentine’s Day this year is about reminding each other that love still exists, so do it in creative ways.

4.  Breakfast in Bed

Yeah, we know; you’ve probably had more breakfasts in bed during the pandemic than you’d care to count. But, you can make your Valentine’s Day memorable by making your sweetheart a more thoughtful breakfast in bed. This is one of the first steps to make Valentine’s Day romantic for you and your partner. 

Consider making sweet treats using heart-shaped pans or cookie cutters. The possibilities of making your Valentine’s Day special with breakfast in bed are endless.

5.  Get a Couple’s Massage

You didn’t think you could get a couple’s massage this Valentine’s Day, did you? Well, think again, as we said earlier, the possibilities are countless. During COVID-19, some spas started offering services while still observing safety guidelines. 

So, for Valentine’s Day 2021, you could consider a full-day service that includes a couple’s massage, indoor pools, and some down-time in a hot tub. Suppose you don’t have the budget to go to a spa on Valentine’s Day; no need to worry. There’s a cheap alternative that you can enjoy just as much. 

Fill your bathtub and put in a few drops of essential oils. Don’t forget to line your bathroom or bathtub with some romantic candles that will uplift your mood on Valentine’s Day.

6.  Dress up and Have Food Delivered

Some Valentine’s Day date ideas during the COVID-19 pandemic are fun. This one is in the romantic category. Rather than laying around in pajamas all day with your sweetheart, why not give this year’s Valentine’s Day a little more thought and dress up?

Take a shower, make sure your hair is neat and tidy, dab on some perfume, and then dress to impress. Even if you’re staying home, there’s no excuse not to look good. 

Once both of you are ready to take on the evening together, order some wine and delicious food to celebrate Valentine’s Day. After a sumptuous dinner, you and your love can cuddle up and then Netflix and chill. Or, you could, you know, chill (wink!).

7.  Create a Vision Board

Do you have any better unique Valentine’s Day date ideas than to make a vision board for your relationship? Valentine’s Day is a day to show someone special how much you love and care for them. But, what’s wrong with using Valentine’s Day to get to know your partner better? Make it more interesting by creating goals with your sweetheart.


The pandemic has made life a little trickier for all of us to navigate. So, overpriced menus and exaggerated expectations shouldn’t be a priority.

As long as you keep it simple, fun, and creative, you and your love will have a great time. What Valentine’s Day ideas do you have for this year? We’d love to know what surprises you have planned.

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