Las Vegas Helldorado Days Parade, 1952

Las Vegas Helldorado Days Parade, 15 May 1952. Rex Allen, Grand Marshal;Sandra Stewart, Queen;James Cashman;Tona Cashman;Jerry Colonna, Marshal;Carolina Cotton, Marshal;Mrs Charles Russell, wife of Nevada governor.;Caption slip reads: 'Photographer: Sansone. Date: 1952-05-15. Reporter: Baker. 21, 99: Nellis Air Force Band, Monte Carlo Club in background. 29, 30, 46, 86: Pioneer Club oxen and covered wagon. 22: Clark County sheriff posse, Westerner Saloon in background. 31, 32: Golden Nugget Float, 'Cheaper by the Dozen' -- old fashioned family. 41: Inyo country sheriff's posse, Las Vegas Club background. 42: old San Fransisco cable car, Hotel Last Frontier. 41, 42: Helldorado Queen Sondra Stewart, Las Vegas Club background. 52. Saint George Woodard High School Band with Boulder Club in background. 59: 5th Street Grammar School Band majorettes Las Vegas. 60: Hotel Lost Frontier stage coach with entertainers. 72: Cashman's ostrich. 77: Golden Nugget -- 'Tally Ho'. 87: Hotel Lost Frontier Reno -- fire engine. 88: Las Vegas Elks -- Helldorado Band. 89: Mrs Charles Russell, wife of Nevada gardener. 90: Las Vegas High School Rhythmette'.. (Photo by Los Angeles Examiner/USC Libraries/Corbis via Getty Images)

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