Hippocampus and fish (fantasy animals). 1. Zee-Peerdt 2. Bruijn Visch (title on object). Hippocampus (sea horse) and a fish. both fantasy animals. Numbered top right: 5. Part of the sixth album with drawings of fish. shells and insects. Sixth of twelve albums with drawings of animals. birds and plants known around 1600. commissioned by Emperor Rudolf II. With explanations in Dutch. Latin and French. sea-horse. hippocamp. 'hippocampus'. (horse / fish) (mythological hybrid monster). fishes. Anselmus Boetius de Boodt. 1596 - 1610. paper. pencil. chalk. watercolor (paint). deck paint. ink. pen. h 125 mm × w 245 mm. (Photo by: Sepia Times/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

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