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How To Write A Good Research Paper

Having excellent research writing skills is one of the best things to happen to you as a scholar. A research paper allows scholars to present their arguments and views on any subject based on analysis and original research.

Below are some of the essential steps you are supposed to take when writing a research paper.

How Do You Write A Good Research Paper?

1.      Choose A Good Research Topic

A research topic is a question that a researcher has an interest in. The ability to develop a good research topic is vital, and it makes the difference between an excellent and poor research paper.

There are different means you can use to get your research topic. You can choose a problem depending on your interests, career, or even your education. 

Usually, a research paper is broad, and so you should try as much as possible to keep it manageable. You can do this by breaking it down into sub-sectors.

2.      Understand Your Topic

Before writing your research paper, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the issue you are about to cover. Look for anything that might call for some clarification with your professor or with your colleagues. Make sure you are comfortable with the deadlines – in case you have any.

Prepare a list of the keywords to use. It is crucial to help you attain the purpose of your problem. For example, are you planning to inform people about something? Or are you planning to persuade them to think differently?

3.      Study Your Audience

For you to be able to write an excellent research paper, you must understand your audience. Their level of literacy influences your writing style and how much detail you need to explain your ideas.

For a perfect paper, use shorter and simpler words to avoid intricate and excessive details. Avoid long explanations to show your argument. Be logical and direct to the point.

4.      Formulate A Thesis Statement

A good research paper should have a thesis statement. It helps to establish the goal and the position of your essay. For example, if your research topic is in question form, your thesis statement should answer it and show how much you are ready to support your argument. 

5.      Create A Research Paper Outline

A good research paper typically has the following structure:

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  • Introduction

The introduction gives your reader an overview of an issue you are trying to examine. Make sure you offer some justification.

  • Literature review

A useful literature review outlines the impact of the issue on society and the history behind it. You should also describe the appropriate theories suitable to explain the problem.

  • Method

At this stage, you should explain the research method and the form of data collection.

  • Results and discussion

Discuss your initial results, for example, by the use of charts and graphs.

  • Conclusion and recommendation

As you finalize your paper, make sure you describe and remind the readers about your study’s original goal.

Bottom Line

A good research paper needs proper planning and sobriety. Identify your topic and follow the guideline to achieve perfect academic writing.

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