How To Start A Career In Online Freelancing

Even though most people start online freelancing as a hobby, it can be the main job if done right. Online freelancing is starting to be attractive enough even to rival traditional careers as people are beginning to realize how good it is.

Companies both established and start-ups are looking for different ways of doing business, and one of those ways includes outsourcing the job to online freelancers. This is because they are more qualified and cheaper.


Online freelancing is unlike any other kind of career as you are your boss. This, however, should not deceive you into thinking that this is not a challenging career. Online freelancing is as demanding as any other serious career, and it requires a lot of hard work and dedication for you to succeed.

What You Need To Do Before You Become A Freelancer

1. Know Your Niche

Knowing your niche is all about figuring out what makes your services or goods unique and special. This is essential as it’s your strong point, and you can only capitalize on it if you know what you are doing better than your competition.

Online freelancing is very competitive; for you to succeed, you must stand out. Understanding your niche will help you to create a better and stronger brand. It will also help you when it comes to marketing the brand as it will enable you to communicate better.

Knowing your niche makes it easier for you to search for your clients. No business can be able to succeed without clients. The lack of clients is one of the biggest challenges online freelancers encounter. To understand your niche, you need to examine your services and ask your clients and yourself questions related to what you are offering.

2. Test The Waters

The number one error most people make when getting into online freelancing is rushing into it without doing their research. Online freelancing is just like any other career, and you need to know what it’s all about before you dive into it.

Testing the waters involves testing the market to see the reception that you will receive. This is especially essential for those with other careers and who want to make a switch. It will enable you to know if your pricing, for instance, is reasonable or if you have a strong portfolio.  

3. Define Your Goals

Defining your goals involves coming up with measurable and clear goals. Lack of clear and solid goals is dangerous as you will not know if you are making any progress or are falling short.

Some of the things you should ensure you address include why you are going into online freelancing. Is it something you intend to focus on, or is it just a stepping stone? Having clear goals gives you clarity, which is essential in any career as you have a sense of direction.

4. Find The Appropriate Structure

It may come as a surprise to many, but online freelancing also requires a structure as it’s a business like any other. The structure you choose usually depends on what you want. This gives you the freedom to decide if you will operate it as a limited liability company, a sole proprietorship, a corporation, or even a legal entity.

5. Price Your services Appropriately

Pricing is also one of the things that you must think about before going into online freelancing. Several factors will determine your pricing, and one of them is the quality of your work and experience. It is hard for you to succeed as an online freelancer without knowing your numbers.


If you consider the above things before getting into online freelancing, your chances of succeeding will be high as you will know what is needed of you. Taking the above factors into consideration will prepare you adequately for the road ahead.

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