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How To Reject Someone Tactfully After The First Date

When it comes to the relationship, letting someone know you have already gone out on a date that you have to stop dating can sometimes be painful, uncomfortable, and awkward. This is especially the case if you already had great conversations from the best hookup sites.

Even if you are not interested in someone, you should know the best ways to stop online dating politely. This way, your potential lover won’t take the rejection personally.

You may choose to stop dating someone because there are certain aspects about them that you don’t like, which is an indication that you are both incompatible. To someone else, your choice to stop dating may be a perfect opportunity for them to find a suitable lover.

Learn how to stop dating tactfully in this guide.

How To Reject Someone After A First Date

Learn Not To Give Mixed Messages

Most people, especially women, find it challenging to let the guy they’ve just met know that they have to stop dating. Instead of being direct that they want to stop dating, they give excuses like they are busy at work or give other mixed messages. When you choose not to be 100% clear on what you want, you end up confusing the guy you’ve just met even more.

The best approach to stop dating is to let him know how cool he is, but he is not the person you’re looking for. Even when you stop dating, most people appreciate it when they know your stand.

Never Try Apologizing

When you are getting lacklustre vibes following your exchanges, a mobile dating application, or you did not feel the vibe from your first meeting, don’t try to apologize when you want to stop dating. Learn to be polite and direct.

If you noted from your first conversation that your date isn’t serious or this person didn’t satisfy your expectations, the best way on how to stop dating losers like him is being direct that you’re not interested in moving forward.   

Be Appreciative & Respectful

Even if you are not sure when to stop dating someone, there is no need to drag things out of proportion when you go out for the first time. When you want to stop dating, you have to learn how to be straightforward and kind.

Your potential lover may have taken your first meeting as a great success, and when you open up about your plan to stop dating, they may feel disappointed. Such individuals feel hurt because their romantic relationship isn’t reciprocated.

If you want to stop dating such an individual, you have to begin by thanking them. You should then let them know that you want to stop dating because you don’t believe that your relationship is the right dynamic for both of you. 

Avoid Leaving Your Partner In Ignorance

After your first encounter, your potential lover may not know when to stop dating other guys if you leave them in ignorance about how you are feeling. If you want to stop dating and don’t provide any specifics why you have reached your decision, your potential lover may choose to fill the blanks themselves.

Instead of leaving your potential lover in ignorance, be open and let them know that it was nice meeting them. Proceed to let them know that the reason you have to stop dating is that you are looking to have a serious relationship with someone who has a particular set of characters or shares a particular political view. 

Learn The Need To Value Friendship

You have to understand that disappointing someone who has shown interest isn’t easy, even if you have just gone out on a single outing. While you had to stop dating because of certain aspects you didn’t like about them, it doesn’t mean that you should lose your relationship.

So, before you stop dating, let them know how much you appreciate them and the time they’ve taken to get to know you.

Make them understand that it’s not easy to share feelings openly and that you have great admiration for their courage. It would help if you still let them know that you understand their disappointment now that you have to stop dating, and you believe that you can still maintain your friendship.

Give Compliments Even As You Part Ways

You must compliment your potential lover even though you had to stop dating. You have to take note that they aren’t bad. It’s just that you are not feeling chemistry or romance, which is normal.

If you choose to go out with a stranger, they must know that you are flattered but not interested at the moment. Whether they decide to take it personally or not, don’t forget to tell them a few things that you have liked about them.

You are not in any way looking to be romantic when you are thinking to stop dating since your first encounter. Honesty will help you save any awkwardness that could soon present itself.  It’s still important that even when you stop dating, they understand that it’s certainly your personal feelings and not somebody else’s. 

Wrapping Up

Being rejected isn’t as easy as most people tend to believe, so when you plan to stop dating, it’s best that you have a great idea of how to go about it. 

If you had to stop dating because your previous relationships were full of violence, you might not be open to meeting new people because you believe it is the right way to stop dating violence. While this may be the case, it’s best to understand that most people hardly know how their approach to stop dating will affect the last guy they went out with. 

This is why it’s best to apply tactful approaches if you have decided to stop dating.

Have you recently been on a date but had to stop dating following your first encounter? What are some polite approaches you used to stop dating after your first encounter? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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