How to Promote Your Blog Posts after Publishing

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Publishing is a process that requires time, effort, and a lot of research of the intended niche and targeted market. Also, the quality of the content has to be top-notch to serve its purpose and achieve the marketing goals.

Millions of blogs are published every day, which is a process that some people find an easy task while others find it challenging, especially for beginners. Well, publishing a blog is the easiest part, and driving traffic to your website is the hardest. You can do this by promoting your blog post.

You need to get into it and be proactive in promoting your blog post. Here are some of the things you can do to promote your blog.

Things You Can Do to Promote Your Blog after Publishing

1.   Use Email Marketing

Use email as a marketing tool because it’s powerful and can reach the targeted audience immediately with less or minimal capital. Emailing your subscribers is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website and blog post.

But if you are a new blogger, you can email your contacts, including friends and family asking them to share your blog. Another way you can use your email is by using an email signature by putting your link to the blog as the email signature. When people receive your email, they can see your blog directly through your email signature link.

2.   Answer Questions on Quora

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To generate organic traffic to your blog, you need to answer questions on Quora. This is a good and easy way for marketers and entrepreneurs to generate leads, thus increasing traffic to your blog post.

To answer questions on Quora, you need to open an account and answer as many questions as possible relating to your blog. The key to Quora is asking questions and answering them wisely by adding links to your blog post after providing valuable information.

To be effective, try to be the first person to answer a Quora question and include images. Also, you can republish your blog post on Quora. In so doing, you are promoting your blog post.

3.   Reach to Influencers and Micro-Influencers

Influencers and micro-influencers marketing is a new concept of marketing in the social media platform where you can reach the intended audience on a small scale or large scale level.

Anyone with 1 million followers or more is considered an influencer, and anyone with 1,000 to 10,000 followers on social media is regarded as a micro-influencer.

You can partner with the influencers or micro-influencers depending on the affordability to promote your blog post to reach the influencer’s audience, increasing your blog post’s traffic.

4.   Build Links to Your Site

Building links is a long-term strategy, where every new link you benefit from is in your site and blog post. Creating links to your blog posts on your site helps visitors get from page to page, increasing traffic to your blogs.

Create internal and external links to your blog post on your site, other sites, and relevant pages. After a while, you need to check the links to your blog. Sometimes the URLs change and become broken links. Fix the links if broken to serve their purpose as intended.

5.   Content Repurposing

Content repurposing is rewriting and restructuring existing content and publishing it in a new style. This helps to give it a new purpose and expand its lifespan.

You can repurpose your blog post into a YouTube video, a podcast, or a presentation on Slideshare, which will help generate more traffic to your blog post.

6.   Social Media Posting

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One common way to promote your blog post is by using social media, which drives organic traffic to your blog. Social networks guarantee a wild reach to the audience and hence generate high traffic to your blog post.

Post your blog posts to all the relevant social Media like Facebook, Google+, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Participate in the relevant chats on the platforms by linking your content and the link of your blog to the replies of people discussing your subject.

Consider reposting your blog post severally on social media platforms which is beneficial by posting your link multiple times. By doing this, you are driving organic traffic to your blog post.

7.   Paid Promotion

With the paid promotion, you have to go back into your wallet and spend some dollars to turn money into traffic.

For this, you can reach out to social media platforms to promote your blog through their ads. You should also know the format you want to reach the audience ideally.

Good examples are; Google ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Reddit ads, Linkedin ads, and Instagram ads. Here are some links to help you:

8.   Speak at Events

Speaking at events or conferences is a reasonable effort of face-to-face marketing. You get to know your audience in person hence knowing what their needs are and what is in the trend.

Catch your audience’s attention through the event by mentioning your website and blog post without overdoing it. Also, give out your business card with your blog’s web address to the people you interact with.

9.   Add Social Buttons, Include CTAs, and Enable AMP Features

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Add social buttons to your blog to allow readers to easily share your content online, thus doing some promotion for you.

Calls-to-action (CTA) helps readers to take immediate action to subscribe to your website, Shop on your online store and share a post.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) increases the ability of the readers to access your blog on the mobile phone by making the pages lighter to take less storage size.

This help greatly to promote your website and blog post, thus increasing organic traffic to your blog.

10. Comment and Network on Related Blogs

Leave a comment on other related blogs. This is something many bloggers never do. Leaving a comment on related blogs can help you build relationships with other bloggers.

There is a potential of your name getting out there without so much effort and money.

11. Create Cool and Attractive Visuals

Create cool and attractive visuals to make your blog stand out. Also, use charts and infographics. Be creative, for it will be the display of your article and helps people understand more about your blog post.

Consider including Charts, infographics, and visuals in every blog post to attract traffic to your blog post.

12. Blog Republishing

Republish old posts to increase organic traffic to your blog post. Update the blog post to current situations, add more information, change the publish date to current and finally update the title

Note, check all the links and do not change the URL.

13. Quest Post on Popular Blogs

Guest posting is the process of writing similar blogs as yours for another website to attract traffic back to your website/blog post. Guest posting is an old marketing technique that is still effective.

If your stories make it to popular blogs, you will experience a boost in traffic to your website. As a guest blogger, always leave links that lead to your blog and a short bio at the end of the blog.


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You can use the methods discussed above to promote your blog post to attract and increase traffic to your blog post. However, your content should be high quality to rank high in the search engines.

Note poor quality of your content in your blog post doesn’t matter how much effort you put in; it’s always going to end up in Google sand. Ensure you deliver High-Quality content as a blogger and never give up.

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