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How To Make A Girl Jealous And Miss You Like Crazy

There is a misconception that lovers need more time together to develop a strong bond. The right level of jealousy helps to build a stronger feeling between couples. That’s why, as the man or alpha, it is essential to learn how to make a girl jealous and want you more.

Is Jealousy Good In A Relationship?

A little jealousy is good for a relationship. It is a sign that you love your partner and don’t want to lose him. Chronic jealousy is harmful to a relationship; it’s a sign of high insecurity, fear, and low self-esteem.

Jealousy in a relationship comes from a perception that you lack something that another person possesses and that the other person might take what you have. A good level of jealousy will encourage one partner to work hard to achieve what he doesn’t have. However, there is a thin line between healthy and unhealthy jealousy.

To determine whether jealousy is good or bad for a relationship, you should consider the time it takes on your thoughts and activity. Frequent checks on your partner’s phone, checking on their partner’s whereabouts, suspicions, and negative conclusions are some of the signs of unhealthy jealousy.

Such actions destroy the foundation of a healthy relationship. A person struggling with jealousy lacks trust, respect, love, and affection for the other partner. Over time, jealousy will kill the relationship.

Reasons Why Jealousy Can Be Good In A Relationship

  • Good jealousy can highlight the value of your partner in the relationship. It highlights how important your partner is and expresses appreciation to the partner.
  • Speaking out about your jealousy strengthens the communication skills between partners.
  • Jealousy strengthens the relationship. It motivates you to work hard to achieve that which you believe you don’t have.
  • Jealousy alerts you of the bad habits you need to work on for a happier relationship.

9 Ways Of Making A Girl Jealous And Miss You

1.      Be On And Off With Her

Give the girl some attention, care, support, and love for a while and then ignore her. Create time to be with her, compliment her when you are with her, and shower her with love before withdrawing.

The initial love that had registered on her mind would make her jealous. However, if your presence was never felt, the girl might end up dumping you.

Limiting your time together will make her miss you. Spending all your time together will never give your girlfriend a chance to wish you are together.

2.      Talk To Her Friends

If avoiding her is not working, talk to her friends or other girls more than her; it will make her jealous. Compliment other girls in her presence.

Nothing makes a girl insecure than recognizing other girls in her presence. You should not include sensitive matters such as beauty and body shapes as this may hurt her, and you end up losing her.

3.      Ignore Her On Social Media

Ignoring your girlfriend on social media is another excellent way of making her more jealous. Read her WhatsApp or Facebook messages and don’t respond to them. Make sure to remain online chatting with other female friends.

She will notice that you are online, and jealousy will strike her. Later on, reply to her message, apologize, and even let her know you were chatting with another girl. She will be more curious to see the content of the discussion was and work towards getting more of your attention.

4.      Be A Little Mysterious

The crucial part of a relationship is knowing each other. Let your girlfriend know enough about you, but don’t tell her all at once.

Leave some of your good stories to say to her in the future; she will stick around to learn more about you. Don’t inform your lover everything you are thinking, planning, or even feeling about her. She will never get time to miss you or even get jealous.

5.      Laugh At What Other Girls Say

Every girl wants to be funny and make a man laugh. Laugh at what another girl says even when not humorous enough. It will make her jealous, and she will try to be funny to make you laugh.

But then, don’t laugh even when she sounds funny. Instead, smile and acknowledge the joke and hold onto your laughter.

6.      Touch Another Girl In Her Presence

A simple touch from a guy makes a girl feel special and gives her an emotional connection with you. Touch another girl’s hand, shoulders, or the lower back in the presence of your lover girl. Your girlfriend will become jealous that she is not getting the touch herself.

7.      Post Pictures With Other Girls On Social Media

Nothing will make a girl jealous than seeing a photo of another girl on her boyfriend’s social media page. Your girlfriend will interpret the picture to mean that you appreciate the other girl more than her. She will do anything to prove herself better than the other girl and make sure that you post her picture.

8.      Brag About A Fun Activity You Had Without Her

All girls want all fun to come from them. She will be jealous to learn that you did a successful event without her contribution. Laugh and brag about an event that you did with other guys. She will be jealous that she didn’t help you plan a successful event; thus, she will not get the praise.

9.      Chat With Other Girls While With Her

Your girlfriend wants to be the whole reason why you laugh. So, when you are together, chat with other girls. Ensure that you laugh at any text that comes into your phone.

She will be jealous that someone else is making you happy. She will also be curious about the content of the message.

Bottom Line

You need to strike a balance between loving her and making her jealous. It would be best if you remembered that not everything that you do would make a girl jealous.

Again, please do not insult the girl as a way of making her jealous. Whichever method you will choose, do it with moderation. Kissing other girls in her presence and withdrawing for a very long time will ruin your relationship.

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