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How To Keep Rabbits Out Of The Garden Without Harming Them

If only bunnies could be as harmless as their soft and cute little faces make them seem to be! Unsurprisingly, this is the wish of every ardent farmer.

These cute creatures possess an insatiable appetite for every vegetable, woody plant, and berries.  Worse, be ready for the craziest bond ever if you grow carrots and nuts.

This nightmare makes every farmer wish for ways to do away with the rabbits for good. But then, it is impossible to catch them in the act!

However, there’s no reason to harm the bunnies when you can make them stay away from your farm for good.

Find out how.

How to Keep Rabbits Out Of the Garden

1. Install a rabbit-proof barrier

Fencing is every farmer’s automatic response. Well, it has to, because it is the most effective weapon against these cute monsters.

You can use this method to your advantage because bunnies can’t jump. Therefore, be confident that a perimeter fence is an ideal solution. And it doesn’t have to be that tall: a foot high and they are helpless!

However, ensure that you bury the base is in the ground to prevent them from burrowing under it. 

2. Cage the plants

Apart from fencing around the farm, you can choose to put cages over the plants. For example, you can use chicken mesh over smaller plants and keep the leaves safe.

You can also make the plants inaccessible by using the mesh wire to build cylinders over the plant rows. It is prudent, however, to dig the mesh deep into the soil. By doing so, the rabbits won’t dig under it.

Most importantly, normalize inspecting your cage for damage.

3. Apply diversion trick

You know, rabbits can be stupid after all. To prove it, you can create a portion of your farm and dispose of rotten fruits and vegetables. Ensure that the bunnies can access the area.

For this to work, however, ensure that this portion is far from your vegetation. By doing so, the bunnies will keep diverting to the other side instead of your vegetable garden. Guess who wins?

3. Scare tactics

A dog is your best friend and also your greatest savior during this menace. So, you can take it with you to the farm and allow it to roam freely. With its sniffing gift, it’ll make out a rabbit from miles away.

 After noticing the bunnies’ presence, it’ll make going to the farm to scare them away habitual.

Apart from your pets, you can employ fake owls, flashlights, and sound devices to scare them.

4. Repellants

Bunnies possess a good sense of smell – particularly from their predators! You can make use of the insecurities by spraying their predator’s scent all over the farm.

For instance, you can spray their predator’s urine or a blood meal on the crops. Examples of rabbit predators include owls, dogs, hawks, badgers, and cats.

6. Plant selection

Keeping rabbits out of the garden can be a thorn in the flesh. But then, you can turn the tables on them by not availing their favorite foods.

Just like people, bunnies can be picky with food. Therefore, you can plant what they hate – for example, plant onions, tomatoes, basils, and potatoes instead of nuts and carrot.

8. Spray a nasty cocktail

Make the bunnies hate your food by making your food taste nasty. Do you want to know how? Well, it is easy.

Start by grinding hot pepper, garlic, onions, dry sulfur, and water and spray onto your crops. The bunnies will sniff their way into the most pungent smell ever. They won’t dare taste the plants afterward.

9. Trapping

Keeping rabbits out of the garden can push you to try what most individuals overlook. Fortunately, this can be the savior.

You can buy or build traps on your own and use their favorite veggies as bait. Check the traps regularly and drop the culprits too far off places.

10. Habitat removal

The nearby thickets and bushes could be housing the unpleasant visitors. By clearing them, they’ll lack where to hide and wait to attack your produce.

Take Away

Rabbits are a nuisance! Whichever method you select, act on it faster. These creatures can reproduce like crazy! If there are effective methods not on the above list, please share it with us in the comment section.  

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