How to Have the Wildest (Comfortable) Car Sex – 5 Positions & 8 Techniques

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Sex in a car is among the most exciting sexual experiences. A new location that is similarly restricted will open up new avenues for better and wilder sex. It can get a little dull having sex in the same setting. So, the next time you don’t know where to have sex, we’ve already given you a viable option: your automobile.

You may find yourself having sex in a car if your living arrangement stops you from having hot sex with your spouse in the luxury of your bed or if you can’t wait to go home before getting your hands on each other. Before you engage in car sex, there are a few things you should be aware of. You don’t want to be apprehended by the cops or be involved in an accident. So, to make sure having sex in the car is one of your best sex experiences, follow these guidelines.

Best Positions for Car Sex

Below are among the best positions for car sex.

1.     Cowgirl

Cowgirl is among the easiest position to have sex in a car, whether your partner is in the driver’s seat or the back. It’s better to sit in the front passenger seat, and you’ll have more freedom to move if you can pull the seat further away from the dashboard or lean the front passenger seat until it’s flat. One of the advantages of this stance is that it does not require you to remove your clothing. You can ride your spouse for some wonderful automobile sex if you’re in a dress or skirt that can be hiked up to your hips.

2.     Back Seat Driver 

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If your body proportion is suitable, you can sit on his penis in the Back Seat Driver position. He takes a seat in the rear, and you take a seat on top of him, facing away. During the Back Seat Driver, a car sex recommended technique is putting both of your legs between or outside his thighs until you find what’s most pleasurable. Because you are in charge of the action, you are in the driver’s seat for this one. You can jump up and down or grind on him. All he has to do now is relax and enjoy the experience. He can also control your movement by putting his hands on your hips. You’re also in an excellent position for him to stroke your clit. You can regulate the speed and depth of your intercourse, and your breasts are within reach for some sexy grabbing. To heighten the moment, place the mirrors within the car to visualize what you’re doing. The Back Seat Driver position also gives a perfect chance to spot any unwanted visitors approaching.

3.     Doggy Style

You might be successful in achieving doggie style if the top of your car is high, especially if your spouse leans a bit down over you while penetrating you from behind. Doggy style is also ideal as your partner can easily access the breasts, and both of you can stimulate the clitoris. Get into the backseat and then go down on all fours. Let your partner position themselves by kneeling behind you and draping their upper body over yours. You get to enjoy g-spot stimulation and deep penetration as he tackles it from behind.

4.     Side Spoon

Spooning is still a popular sex move as it is comfortable and practical. Like every other first-timer, you could feel nervous about doing it for the first time in the car; spooning is an excellent place to start. The position allows both parties to relax and unwind without distractions or performance anxiety. Start by inclining one seat all the way down, or use the back seat if you deem it more comfortable. You and your partner can then go ahead and lie down in the side spoon position and let him penetrate from behind.

5.     Missionary

In a car, missionary sex is undoubtedly more challenging. It works the best in the back seat and older, broader vehicles. However, that doesn’t mean you scant make it work. To make more room, raise the front seats as far as possible. It’s practically hard for your partner to lie comfortably in the backseat with both legs stretched or even knees. Alternatively, he can have one knee on the car floor and the other on the seat. Another vehicle sex tip is to find a workable position; you may need to bend your knees or sling one of your legs on top of the seat. Kneeling also gives him a lot of room to manually excite you. It’s difficult, but that’s car sex for us.

Tips to Have the Best Car Sex

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·       Get a Good Location

The greatest places for car sex are considerably out of the way, where other people or cops are unlikely to pass by your parked car while it is rocking. Because of this, you may want to avoid parking lots, but the correct parking garage may be a wiser choice. Just ensure your car is turned off to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. A vacant housing complex is ideal for having sex in a car or parking near an obstruction such as a tree or dumpster.

·       Dress Appropriately

Consider wearing a skirt or dress instead of jeans and a tank top. You want an outfit that is easy to lift to remove your undergarments swiftly. You should also be able to put the clothing back on quickly in case of unexpected visitors. Consider how difficult it is to put on tight jeans at home. Can you imagine doing something like that in a car? You don’t want to subject yourself to such torture!

·       Spice It Up

Are you a fan of bondage, or are you willing to try? This one’s for you. Seatbelts serve more than one purpose. Remember your spouse’s limits and boundaries during this experience, but utilize those certified straps to bind your hand to the car seat or restrict your movement when your lover takes over. Because of the restricted region and limited mobility, penetration can be intense.

·       Move Slowly

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Nothing is worse than getting caught up in the moment and inadvertently shoving someone into the overhead light, glove compartment, or rearview mirror. Even if you’re utilizing the automobile to get a quickie in, you don’t want to go so fast that the entire experience ends up being a pain in the ass.  In the heat of the moment, a gear shift punching you in the backside is possible. Take a mental inventory of potential hazards before going hot and heavy: the emergency brake, overhead light, gear shifter, etc.

·       Get Comfortable

Establishing a position and getting comfortable, or as relaxed as feasible in a car, is essential for car sex. The goal here is to make the most of the limited space available. Recline the seat as much as it goes, have it slide down, or try having sex in the truck’s trunk for added comfort.

·       Utilize the Passenger Seat

The expansive space provided by the backseat is the best. You’ll have to improvise if yours is occupied by car seats, kid’s toys, and hundreds of stale snacks buried between the cushions. The passenger seat is a more comfortable option for getting some action in the car than the driver’s seat. Lean the seat back and have your companion get on top. You can’t go buck wild in these positions, but the close quarters make for a more intimate frolic.

·       Turn the Car Off

Giving or getting head while driving may appear to be a nice idea. However, it can be highly distracting to the driver, resulting in a dreaded end. Remember that you want to be safe at the end of the escapade and get back home. That said, save all sexual activity until the engine is turned off.

·       Play with the Mirrors

Do you get turned on watching yourself engage in sexual activities? If you are like those people with mirrors on their bedroom ceilings, you should try playing with the mirrors in the car during car sex. Tilt the mirrors anytime you’re having the act if you want to see how you and your boo look from different perspectives. They can give you a terrific view of yourself and your companion from various angles.

Related Questions

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·       Can I Be Arrested If I Have Sex in My Car?

Probably. Local laws differ, but if you are discovered having car sex, you may be arrested or fined for being naked in public. Officers will sometimes let you go with a warning or instruct you to move along.

·       What are the Top Car Sex Positions?

The position is determined by the type of vehicle, where you are in the vehicle, and your body. While you can usually ride him in the front or rear seats, you’ll need to utilize the back seat or get a vehicle with bench seats for positions where you’re lying down. Every situation is different, so experiment and find what works best.


Car sex is underrated and is one of the steamiest sex experiences. Like every other sexual encounter, you must experiment with different positions to find what works best. Most importantly, ensure your safety by turning the car off and parking in a safe area. Your sexual escapade doesn’t always have to be in the bedroom; spice it up and get some crazy wild sex in the car! I mean, why not?

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