How to Get Rid of Breast Stretch Marks

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If you have stretch marks on your breast, you should not stress yourself too much. This is a normal thing to most women. Besides, these streak-like lines don’t pose any health risk.

Although some stretch marks are not that visible, some are very noticeable. And due to this, many people are seeking the help of dermatologists to get rid of them.

Medical treatments and home therapies are the surest way you can get rid of your breast stretch marks. It’s your duty to find a reputable and experienced dermatologist to guide you through.

Why Do People Get Breast Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks on your breast are due to skin stretches. The changes brought by the stretches break the collagen and the elastic fiber leaving marks. It happens on breasts and on other parts of the body like the abdomen and thighs.

Breast stretch marks can be as a result of:


This is one of the causes of breast stretch marks. As the pregnancy develops to the third trimester, the growing baby tends to increase estrogen production. The breast and the milk ducts continue to grow, causing stretch marks.


Hormonal changes come with adolescence during puberty. True, girls start growing breasts that come with many physical changes. The more the breasts grow, the more the skin stretches, causing stretch marks.

Weight Fluctuations

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Change of weight can cause stretch marks on the breasts. Weight gain can increase breasts’ size, which stretches the skin, leaving marks.

Breast Surgery

Through breast augmentation, one can develop stretch marks on the breasts. Augmentation is the repositioning of a breast by placing an implant that can stretch the skin in the process. This is what results in breast stretch marks.  

How to Get Rid of Breast Stretch Marks

There are various options when it comes to the treatment of breast stretch marks. The dermatologist ensures the stretch marks are faded or lightened to make them less noticeable. It is either through natural therapies or medical treatments.

1.    Medical Treatments

Here is how you can get rid of stretch marks on your breasts through medical procedures.

Laser Therapy

Laser treatment is one of the surest of getting rid of your breast stretch marks. A beam of laser light is passed through the damaged tissues, stimulating them to repair themselves. This leads to the growth of new collagen, increasing the blood flow while reducing the visibility of the stretch marks from 50-75%.

Due to the several laser options, your preferred dermatologist must use the appropriate option that can suit your skin.

Collagen Injection

Collagen is what contributes to the elasticity and strength of the skin. Well, the collagen injection takes care of collagen deficiency. Through this procedure, a doctor injects collagen into the affected area.

With time the stretch marks will start lightening. And for you to see good results, you must go for many shots.

Use of Prescribed Ointments

When visiting a skincare professional, you may be advised to use a certain topical ointment. You can be prescribed depending on the visibility of your breast stretch marks. It is vital to be keen on this if you want your stretch marks to vanish after some time.

Cosmetic Surgery

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If you fail in everything you do trying to get rid of sketch marks, you can opt for cosmetic surgery. This is the removal or replacement of the stretch mark scars with new skin. Also, you can tighten the breast skin with a lift or implant. The stretch marks will be made less visible because already you have filled the loose skin.

2.    Home Treatments

Do you want to opt for home treatments to make your breast stretch marks less noticeable? Here are some home treatments you can opt for:

Massaging the Breast Skin

You can take time and massage your breast skin using prescribed creams for stretch marks. Through this, you will increase the blood flow while enhancing collagen production. Take at least 20 seconds to massage your breast skin daily, and the stretch marks will start fading away with time.


Exfoliation is one of the ways you can ensure your stretch marks are not that visible. You use an exfoliating scrub or soft brush on your skin to enhance collagen production. Again, you will improve the look of your skin.


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Breast stretch marks affect most people, especially women. They are streak-like lines that range from red, pink, or white after some time. As illustrated above, if you have stretch marks on your breast and feel uncomfortable, you can opt for medical or home treatments.

But remember, stretch marks are not harmful in any way. So, it’s not necessary to seek any treatments as some vanish after some time.

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