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How To Get Noticed On YouTube

Many people who venture into the world of YouTube want to get noticed; that’s the key to success. According to Statista, YouTube had more than 126 million unique monthly viewers in 2020 from the United States alone. These are a lot of users, and the numbers become more significant when you consider that YouTube comes second to Google as the biggest search engine in the world.

When you consider such figures, it becomes clear that it is essential to invest your effort and time to grow your YouTube channel. However, creating great and quality videos is only just half the journey.

So, what can you do to get noticed on YouTube? Here I will discuss strategies you can employ to ensure that your YouTube channel gets noticed.

Narrow Down Your Niche

You need to focus on the numbers. Some people assume that churning out several videos a week will be enough for you to get noticed. Up to a certain point, one of your videos will attract viewers, but in the end, you might find that you have put so much effort into minimal gains.

To avoid such mistakes, you need to research to find out which content attracts an audience. You can use analytical tools, which are freely available on YouTube and Google, to conduct your research. The research will help you understand the type of content you can post and whether you should post long or short videos.

Focus On SEO

Before you start posting videos on your YouTube channel, you should understand that Google and all over search engines use search engine optimization or SEO to drive internet traffic. Therefore, if you want to get noticed on YouTube, you should put a lot of focus on SEO.

You should research tags just like you do with web pages. The research is meant to ensure that the tags you will include when posting the video will include as much information as possible about the video’s content without flooding it with false or irrelevant information. You should know false information can lead to your video being banned.

Some important information you can include in the tags include:

  • Prominent issues in the video – If it is a horse video, include the tag “horse video.”
  • Channel name – Add a few tags that include your name and what you are doing in the video

Optimize The Titles And Descriptions

Keyword research is essential because it will help you optimize the titles and descriptions of the videos.

Video titles are vital because they give your audience an idea of what the video is all about. You should go for short, clear, descriptive, and relevant titles for your YouTube videos. They should offer a brief idea of the content of the video.

When writing descriptions, you should take the opportunity to inform your viewers and YouTube as well what the video is all about. When writing the description, make sure that the keyword is included. Keep the description brief, engaging, and to the point. It is essential to include the video’s best parts in the first few lines of the description.

Utilize YouTube Cards

YouTube cards are very crucial in keeping viewers on your channel. Once a viewer has completed watching one video, the cards that follow encourage the viewer to view other related videos in your channel. It is also possible to promote other content in your channel as viewers watch your videos.

Come Up With Persuasive Custom Thumbnails

These are the small visual images that viewers see when they are browsing YouTube. If you use high-quality thumbnails, you can be sure that your videos will attract many viewers. Generally, YouTube generates thumbnails for your videos once they are uploaded. However, the automatically generated thumbnails may not bring out the best of your uploaded content.

Therefore, instead of selecting the option of automatically generated thumbnails, you should customize your own. You can use tools such as Adobe Spark, Canva, or Visme to create custom thumbnails. The main goal is to create high-quality thumbnails with high visual impact and are compelling to your potential viewers.

Upload High-Quality Content Regularly

Quality affects how your videos rank, which also directly affects the number of views you get. It is time-consuming to generate high-quality videos for your YouTube channel, but that does not mean that you should cut corners when creating them.

Before you upload any video, always check the resolution, potential background noises, and light. The point is to ensure that your videos have a professional touch with high resolution and high-quality sound.

Connect With Other YouTubers

If you want to get noticed on YouTube, you should make sure that you regularly engage with other YouTubers. It is an excellent way of building a community, and also it will allow you to attract new viewers.

You can achieve this by subscribing to other channels with similar content to yours and ensuring that you like the content uploaded, and engaging with other viewers through comments. This will increase your channel’s visibility.

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