How to Get a Girl to Fall Head Over Heels in Love with You

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Getting a girl’s attention is easy, but making her fall head over heels in love with you is a whole nother ball game. You have probably heard the age-old advice, “first, make sure she’s interested in you” and “just be yourself.” But is that really all it takes?

Well, to get the girl, you should be yourself and try your best to ensure she’s into you. However, we want to make sure she falls head over heels for you. This article highlights some of the behaviors and traits that would make your dream girl crazy for you.

Let’s get started…

1.    Be a Good Friend

Friendship is the perfect foundation for a relationship. Therefore, if you want your dream girl to fall madly in love with you, focus on developing a solid friendship. What does that mean?

It’s simple; just be a good friend and be there for her whenever she needs a friend. After she realizes you’re always by her side and you care about her, she’ll slowly develop feelings for you.

But be wary of the friend zone, friend. Sometimes, if you only show up as a friend without expressing your intention, she’ll label you her “best friend.” It’s cute, but we don’t want that, do we? So, as you develop the friendship, let her know that a romantic relationship with her is your end goal.

2.    Understand and Accept Her

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The phrase “women are hard to understand” is pretty common. But that shouldn’t deter you from pursuing your dream girl. If anything, you should try your best to understand her, and you’ll witness all her walls breaking down.

When she speaks, listen keenly and show interest in what she’s saying. Don’t turn every conversation into a debate or cut her off so you can talk about yourself. Women hate that!

Moreover, don’t invalidate her feelings even when you think she’s being irrational. Instead, have open conversations and acknowledge both sides. Women appreciate a man values their opinions.

Above all, accept her for who she is, and she’ll love you so much. When a woman feels like she can be herself around you, that’s when you know the love is real. So, watch, listen, and understand her so she can be comfortable around you.

3.    Show Your Emotions

Most men would rather hit their pinky toes on a sharp edge over and over before they show any emotion. This is because they believe being open with their emotions is unmanly and a sign of weakness.

The best approach is to let your guard down and let her get to really know you. When a woman feels like they know your core, they become connected to you.

Soon enough, you’ll hear her say, “I know my man’s heart,” “I know him.” Vulnerability is beautiful, and if you can tap into yours, there’s no reason why your dream girl shouldn’t fall head over heels for you.

4.    Prioritize Her

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Every woman wants to feel like the number one girl in her man’s life. They like to believe that you care for them as much as your mother and sisters (if not more.) Therefore, as you pursue her, let her know that she’s your priority and you’re serious about her.

You might even need to choose her over friends and family in certain situations to prove that she comes first. However, it shouldn’t feel controlling because that isn’t a good foundation for a loving relationship.

Other ways you can put her first include putting her needs over your own, spending time with her, and actions that prove that you listen to her. For example, if she’s talking about her favorite music, you can buy her the album or create a mixtape for her.

The simple acts of selflessness show a girl she’s truly your priority.

5.     Be Consistent

Putting her first is one thing, but are you consistent? There’s a reason why she likes you, but she’s not head over heels in love yet, and maybe it’s your inconsistency.

So, when you express interest in her, keep her engaged by sticking to your word, showing up for her, planning dates, etc.

Don’t expect her to read between the lines because she will forget that you even exist, and we don’t want that for you. However, always stay true to yourself and don’t pretend because it gets tiring.

6.    Show Her Chivalry Isn’t Dead

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It’s time to dust off the chivalry card and show her you’re a gentleman. This will capture her attention and eventually make her fall deeply in love with you. Here’s why. Women love to be pampered and handled like royalty.

She’s more likely to open up romantically when you make her feel special. So why not open doors and pull out a few chairs?

You can even set up walks on chilly evenings just so you can give her your coat. You’ll be pulling all the strings to her heart in no time.

7.    Take Care of Yourself

Women love a well-groomed man. And if you consistently show up looking and smelling good, it’s only a matter of time before she falls head over heels for you. Furthermore, taking care of yourself means you love yourself, and if you love yourself, you know how to give love.

Exercising and taking care of your body are also signs that you value your health and appearance, which is attractive (believe it or not.). In fact, why not invite her to the gym so she can see you in action? You know there’s nothing sexier than a strong man.

What’s more, the more time you spend at the gym or exercising outdoors, the more she gets to know you. That’s a plus.

8.    Figure Out What Women Want in Men

As we mentioned earlier, understanding women is not easy. They are special multifaceted beings. So, if you want to get the girl, you should delve into research and figure out what women look for in an ideal man.

It sounds corny, but when you understand these things, you can adapt the traits and work on yourself to become the “ideal man.”

For starters, women don’t like a bully or an overbearing man. They want to feel safe and cared for around you. In addition, humor is gold, and a funny man is more likely to get the girl. Ha!

But here’s the hard part, different traits and actions elicit different responses. Therefore, always ensure you’re true to yourself and refer to point 2 on our list.

Are You Ready?

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That’s it! Now you have all the essential tips and tricks to make your crush fall hard for you. However, you should know that it’s not always a guarantee that the girl will fall for you. It’s unfortunate, we know. But you should give it a try and hope for the best.

We’re rooting for you, so let us know how it goes in the comments. Go get your girl!

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