How To Become A Morning Person

There are so many activities that require an energy-filled morning. From business to employment commitments, one cannot avoid the sacrifice of letting go of the sound sleep and warm blankets.

Lots of these activities require a person to attend to them quite early to derive maximum productivity for personal or business gains. To achieve the goal of being a morning person, you ought to change how you do things.

Here are tips on becoming a morning person.

How to Become a Morning Person?

1.   Retire to bed early

Going to bed early is an essential tip to becoming a morning person. Avoid staying up late watching movies as you will not be able to wake up early.

Taking your meals late makes you sleep late. Therefore, always endeavor to finish the night routine on time to allow you enough time to sleep. It will be easier when you make it a routine.

According to a study published in Cognitive Therapy and Research Journal, people who sleep late are more likely to have negative repetitive thoughts. Going to bed, therefore, helps you to be a morning person and to reduce stress.

2. Set an alarm

Alarms have been used for centuries, and they have evolved from colossal church bells to the modern alarms in the market today. Setting the alarm before you sleep ensures that you wake up on time.

Alarm clocks also give you peace of mind and enable you to normalize your sleeping schedule.

3.  Ensure your bedroom is well exposed to the light

Ensuring that you have the perfect curtains for your bedroom is an ideal way to help you become a morning person. When light penetrates your bedroom, you will be able to wake up without much struggle as soon as it’s dawn. Dark curtains will contribute to more sleeping since they might make you think it is not yet morning.

4.  Normalize waking up early

Becoming a morning person requires you to make a deliberate decision that you will be waking up early. You will be able to wake up early no matter how sleepy they’re because you have programmed their mind to arise early. Consistency in you waking up will stick to your systems and hence easily becoming a morning person.

5.  Exercise in the morning

young man doing exercises in nature

Working out in the morning will be a gateway to helping you wake up early. For instance, if you need to be at work in the morning, for you to have exercised means you have to wake up earlier so that you will have time to exercise.

Studies also show that morning exercises help reduce anxiety and blood pressure and improve sleep quality. Therefore, working out in the morning will help you become a morning person and improve your health.

Benefits of Becoming a Morning Person

When you are a morning person, you can set the right tone and attitude for the day’s activities. Here are some of the benefits of becoming a morning person.

·   Increased concentration

When you are a morning person, you will be able to focus more. Waking up early helps you do your work in peace as there will be very few interruptions from your friends, coworkers, and family members, making you more alert.

·   More productivity

photo of person using laptop for graphic designs

Being a morning person helps you to take tasks with aggressiveness hence better results. This is because you will have razor-sharp focus, and you will have more time on your hands for your assignments.

Your brains are more alert in the morning; therefore, you will achieve a lot if you will not be interrupted while working.

·   Healthy sleep

You will have a healthy sleeping pattern when you become a morning person. People who wake up early usually have a better sleep quality and are naturally sleepier when bedtime comes.  

Keeping up this healthy routine ensures that you get a good sleep and wake up every morning feeling fresh every day. 

·   Increased energy

Becoming a morning person helps you to attend to tasks with more energy hence yielding great results. Also, you have the feel-good effect hence more confidence in what you set yourself to do.

·  Reduced stress

A morning person will have little stress because they have ample time to complete what is on their plate. Also, one does not have to run up and down because of pressure to complete tasks. By waking up in the morning, they can schedule their day accordingly.

·   More time for personal development

With more time in the morning, one can pray, read a book, or meditate. This is because you have ample time to do these activities when you wake up early.


My takeaway is that being a morning person is a call to sacrifice. It requires an intentional move to do those activities and set schedules to help you become a morning person. In the end, you will reap good fruits.

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