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How The Coronavirus Has Changed Dating Forever

It has been a long run since 2020, the year the world officially shut down, and social distancing norms came into play because of the coronavirus pandemic. Apart from economic aspects, the pandemic and the lockdowns have also had lasting impacts on dating and relationships. Since then, a question has loomed on the heads of almost every person in the world.

How is coronavirus changing the dating game and the scenario of the best dating sites?

You may even have some questions like “is it safe to meet someone during coronavirus?” etc. Well, recent studies have shown that people today are looking for more meaningful and deeper connections, now more than before.

For most, it means prioritizing the well-being and safety of themselves and others. In fact, you will see mentions of ‘coronavirus’ and ‘vaccines’ in online dating profiles and are only increasing in 2021.

Rising Popularity Of Online Dating Apps For Coronavirus Dating

Similar to other online portals, online dating apps have done very well during the pandemic. For instance, Match Group, the founding father of 45 dating apps like Match, OkCupid, Hinge, and Tinder, reported an increase in the second half of 2020 by 15%.

Similarly, other best coronavirus dating apps like Feeld, where individuals and couples are more interested in polyamorous relationships, have witnessed a 50% increase within the first few months of 2020.

While online dating apps have been facing their share of these frustrations, most users have agreed that dating apps have dramatically improved their services and features to alleviate the feelings of loneliness, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Additionally, users now cannot simply delete the dating app after finding companionship, as social distancing restrictions have come into play. It is how dating will change after coronavirus – it will happen via online dating sites.

Long Distance Dating Is In

Today, studies have proven that singles want to stick around with someone special rather than heading out to random dates. However, this does not mean that people are only looking for ‘that special one’ nearby.

When the pandemic started, many dating apps like OkCupid offered the ‘anywhere’ free feature and found that women used it as their preferred location so that they could connect internationally. Additionally, these profiles had more conversations than those that did not use this option. As a result, almost all daters, regardless of location or gender, are now participating in this trend. 

Video Calls – Did It Work?

Many online dating companies have integrated video chat features to develop different ways of learning how to date online during coronavirus. When introduced, video chats seemed more performative than helpful on the part of the app.

People were getting burned out from video calls. While there were some exciting developments, the video calls were seen as an escape from the pandemic and work life.

The addition of video calling also seemed like a big leap for people who were just getting to know each other. It is similar to inviting someone almost immediately; you may video chat with your friends and family, but you do not go on a date.

Even if you plan on video chatting with your date, many things can make things awkward – the lag time, the off-kilter camera angles, overexposed or dim lighting, etc. This is because we can scrutinize the appearance of other people more in close range.

For example, when you are talking to someone, you maintain eye contact. But, on the other hand, your eyes tend to wander around a bit on screen. Therefore, people tend to get a more unfiltered view of the person on the other side.

Tips For Dating After COVID-19

Now that you know how we have become dependent on online coronavirus dating apps for dating in a lockdown world, let us see what needs to be done when the world is COVID free, and we are ready to meet our dates face-to-face:

1.   Take Things Slowly

Dating is a nervous experience, regardless of whether you have been dating virtually or completely avoided dating during the quarantine. If you feel like you are not ready, it is entirely okay to take a few weeks to gather yourself. You should stand on a steady ground emotionally, mentally, and physically; this can be done by looking inwards and understanding what is right for you.

2.   Breathe, Meditate, And Visualize

Daily breathing practices and meditation will contribute towards a sense of centeredness and well-being. This is considered one of the best datings during coronavirus tips.

The aim here is to calm your senses and your nervous system. After all the ruckus that has occurred during the pandemic, many people find themselves scared. Therefore, you need to calm down through mindfulness and breathing exercises.

You can also think about the ‘future’ and rehearse your dates mentally. You need to work on visualizing a date going smoothly. Imagine yourself enjoying the time and smiling. This will help you turn your date into something that you are looking forward to.

3.   Prepare For The Date

There have been some major changes in the evolution of coronavirus love and dating in lockdown. However, it would help if you remembered that you are not alone in this. While you may be eager, you will also be very anxious.

We have avoided places and people for over a year now. Hence, it may make sense that we associate dating, eating in a restaurant, being with people, etc., to be stressful and dangerous. Our ambivalence and hypervigilance are the by-products of such associations.

Additionally, widening a tight circle of close people will only add stress to the individual. The easiest way around this is to set boundaries to help you come back to the real world confidentially.

4.   Grow Your Confidence

Yes, it is not easy to build confidence; however, many successful dating during coronavirus stories only because of confidence. When you are confident, you project yourself as positive and compassionate.

Take time to boost your self-confidence at home before you head out for the date. It is recommended that you dial down your angst to help allay fears; you can engage in exercises, meditation, or simply be in touch with people you are close to.

Another great way of feeling more confident is by checking in with yourself. To do this, you can try journaling. This practice has been deemed very successful. This will also help you determine whether you are looking for a fun fling or something serious. This way, you will find what you are truly looking for with direction and confidence.

Finally, of course, there is no harm in having some funny stories or ice-breakers at the ready. This is one of the best dating during coronavirus ideas.

Final Thoughts

Virtual online dating has now become a common practice among singles all over the world. However, these singles are always eager to meet one another in person.

Therefore, we are seeing these singles do everything they can to get everything back to normal, like social distancing, wearing masks, getting their vaccines done, etc. Until then, research estimates that 80% of daters are looking for the traditional dating experience after the pandemic ends. So, we can never say how coronavirus will change dating.

What do you think of all this? Let us know in the comments!

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