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Hamilton Beach BrewStation Review

As coffee lovers, we understand that not all coffee makers fulfill their responsibility to make great coffee. This is why we have researched and tested the Hamilton Beach Brew Station to help you discern whether it is the best coffee maker for you.

The Hamilton Beach BrewStation is a convenient coffee maker as it dispenses coffee into a mug without the need for a carafe. Besides, it brews up to 12 cups of coffee at a time and keeps it fresh and hot for up to four hours.

The unit makes quality drip coffee and allows users to make adjustments on the amount and strength of the brew.

This coffee maker review will explain what the Hamilton Beach BrewStation does, its features, and its benefits.

Let’s begin!

Product Overview

The Hamilton Beach BrewStation 12-Cup Coffee Maker is a functional drip coffee brewer. It dispenses coffee fast and easily without the need for a carafe.

The unit features four brewing options: iced coffee, bold, regular, or 1-4 cups options. Regardless of your preferred option, the brew station keeps your coffee warm for up to four hours. This means that you get to enjoy a fresh and flavorful cup of coffee any time of the day.

The brewstation coffee maker comes in a sleek, modern design that will complement your kitchen style.

How To Use The Hamilton Beach BrewStation

The Hamilton Beach coffee maker is easy to use since it works like a traditional drip coffee brewer. Here is how to go about it:

Step 1: Add water into the removable tank.

Step 2: Place a filter in the brew basket.

Step 3: Add coffee grounds to the brew basket. Use 1-2 scoops of coffee for each cup of water.

Step 4: Choose your preferred brewing option. They include Bold, Regular, iced coffee and 1-4 cups.

Step 5: Switch on the coffee maker.

Step 6: Pop your mug under the dispenser spout for some quality coffee.

The Beach brew station brews coffee in an enclosed system to keep it hot and fresh.

Unlike traditional coffee makers that brew into a carafe, this brewstation brews into an internal tank. The tank features an internal heater that keeps your coffee fresh and hot for up to four hours.

Usage Tips For The Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

1.     Prime the Coffeemaker

We understand you are happy to try out your new coffee machine. But before you do so, run at least two cleaning cycles. This will help prime the machine.

2.     Clean Your Coffee Maker Regularly

To enjoy flavorful coffee on your Beach Coffee Maker, ensure that you clean it at least once every 30 days. In addition, descale the unit after every 90 uses. Not only will you remove oil residues but also prevent buildups that could impact flavor.

Cleaning this unit is pretty straightforward, and it will keep your coffee maker at peak performance.

3.     Use High-Quality Coffee

This 12-cup coffee maker will brew tasty beverages only when you use good-quality coffee. Fresh ground coffee beans make delicious coffee.

Alternatively, try coffee roasts. Light roasts have high caffeine levels but are mild in flavor. Medium roasts are more flavorful, a reason why they are a favorite for most Americans. Medium-Dark coffee roasts have a bittersweet aftertaste, while the dark roasts have pronounced bitterness.

4.     Measure Your Ingredients Accurately

Moreover, measure your coffee and water accurately when using the Hamilton coffee maker. The general rule of thumb is for every cup of coffee, use 1-2 tablespoons of coffee grounds. This will prevent you from brewing too strong or too watered-down coffee. 

5.     Choose a Quality Coffee Filter

Your coffee filter makes a difference when using the Hamilton Beach Coffee maker. Therefore, choose the best quality filter depending on how you love your coffee. Permanent filters produce stronger coffee, while paper filters have a slightly bitter taste.

Who Should Buy The Hamilton Beach Machine?

How many times have you had to replace glass carafes in the past? If you’ve lost count, this is the coffee maker for you.

Or, if you love to have your coffee ready when you wake up, this brew station has a 24-hour programmable option.

Additionally, the unit is perfect for a coffee lover looking for a simple machine, with decent customizable and programmable settings, yet retailing at a reasonable price.

Who Should Not Buy The Hamilton Beach BrewStation?

As great as this coffeemaker is, it is not suitable for homes where everyone enjoys their coffee differently. Assume that one person wants a strong brew while the other takes a regular brew. The machine does not include two separate brew pots and will not meet each person’s needs.

Features Of The Hamilton Beach BrewStation

Design and Appearance

This coffee maker comes in a sleek, modern design, with black and black/stainless steel color options. The product dimensions are 11.03 x 8.19 x 15.15 inches, and it weighs 0.90 lbs.

The front panel has six control knobs. They include a Power, Start Time, H button, M button, Keep Warm, and Brew Strength button. When choosing your brew strength, press the Brew Strength button continuously until your preference is displayed on the LCD screen.

The brew station has a stainless-steel body that gives it a nice touch and an expensive look. Its base is made of rubber for a firm and sturdy support.

The construction is quite solid for the price, but Hamilton Beach could have done better. The rubber feet are annoying for users who pull the machine from the counter when brewing coffee.

The coffee maker also has a large LED screen that could work as a kitchen clock.

Performance and Functionality

The Hamilton Beach coffee maker can brew small and large quantities of coffee. The 1 to 4 cup option gives you a choice to brew small batches. But you can make up to 12 cups of coffee in a single cycle. Additionally, you can choose the brew strength between regular and bold.

The coffeemaker has programmable options to give you brewing control. Its 24-hour programming option allows you to set the machine in advance and enjoy a fresh coffee cup later.

What’s impressive about the Beach BrewStation 12 cup coffee maker is that it does not feature a glass carafe system. And without the glass carafe, the machine does not need a hot plate.

Instead, it features an insulated storage tank that dispenses your coffee on-demand. It has an internal heater that keeps your coffee at the right temperature.

That’s not all.

With this coffee maker, you will never taste burned or scorched coffee. The insulated, internal carafe ensures consistency in the quality of coffee from the first cup to the last. Plus, it keeps your cup of coffee warm and fresh for up to four hours.

So, the next time you make coffee with this model, press your cup against the dispensing bar. The coffee machine will dispense one cup at a time and automatically switch off. This means no spills or cleaning baked coffee stains.

You can collect your coffee in a regular cup or a tall travel mug since there is plenty of room between the spout and tray.

Coffee Taste

When designing this coffee machine, Hamilton Beach looked for an innovative way to do away with burnt and scorched coffee. That is why they come with an internal warming heater instead of a carafe.

The internal insulated tank prevents flavor and heat from escaping. This is why you will not differentiate between your first and last cup because they will all taste fresh. On the other hand, the heater keeps the brew warm.

But you have to use quality coffee to brew delicious coffee. I recommend using fresh ground coffee beans for a good cup of coffee.

It would also be best if you brew smaller quantities of coffee instead of the 12-cup brewing capacity. When coffee is stored in the insulated reservoir for too long, it may gradually lose its flavor. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

If you hate cleaning up messes, you will love this brew station. Since it does not feature a glass carafe, that means no more coffee spills to clean up. Besides, it does not use a hot plate, so you never have to clean baked coffee stains.

Cleaning the removable brew basket and the internal water tank is a breeze. You can rinse the basket and tank on a faucet, then wipe the exterior with a damp cloth.

Descale the machine with a unique descaling solution once in a while. During this maintenance, rinse the system with a few hot water cycles for a thorough cleaning.

Customer Reviews Overview/Quoted

Before buying any product, it is always wise to listen to what other consumers say about it. Here are some honest customer reviews.

This Amazon consumer loves the convenience of the Hamilton 12 cup coffeemaker. He originally bought this unit because he was tired of using carafes. And it did not disappoint. He enjoys programming the coffee machine at night and waking up to fresh coffee. Plus, it keeps the coffee at a warm temperature and is easy to clean.

But he has some complaints, though. He dislikes the rubber feet at the base as they pop out when he slides the unit across the countertop. The drip tray at the front annoys him too. He explains that it detaches every time he lifts the coffee machine.

Nevertheless, he is an overall happy client and gives the brew station a 4/5-star rating.

Danielle is another happy customer who regards the Hamilton Beach BrewStation as the best coffee maker. She loves the stainless-steel look that matches her stove and fridge. She adds that she loves how it is easy to fill the water tank and view how much coffee is left. The coffeemaker also brews delicious coffee at the perfect temperature.

However, she points that the coffee starts to burn when the coffeemaker has less than two cups.


Consider these great products if the Hamilton Beach Brew Station does not meet all your coffee maker requirements.

1.     Ninja CM407 Specialty Coffee Maker

Ninja CM407 Specialty Coffee Maker has more brewing options than Hamilton Beach since it features six brew sizes and four brew types to choose from. It comes with a 50 oz. glass carafe or a thermal carafe. However, the thermal carafe is more expensive but keeps your coffee warmer for longer. It also includes a quality frothing arm.

2.     Hamilton Beach 49976 Coffee Maker

If you are looking for a premium coffee machine, consider the Hamilton Beach 49976 Coffee Maker. With it, you can brew your coffee using a pod or your favorite ground coffee. 

It comes with two separate water reservoirs to cook a single cup or a pot of coffee. And you can use the Auto-Pause & Pour button to pour yourself a cup as the coffee brews.

3.     Keurig K-Café Coffee Maker

Alternatively, go for the quick, convenient, and easy-to-use Keurig K-Café Coffee Maker. You can use it to brew single-serve cups of coffee shots, lattes, and cappuccinos.

Our Verdict

The Hamilton Beach Brew Station is a user-friendly coffeemaker for large households who love coffee. The 12-cup capacity is also ideal for users who drink several cups of coffee a day.

It is a carafe-free unit which means no coffee spills or extra cleaning. Its internal storage has a heater to keep your beverage warm for up to 4 hours. Besides, it has a 24-hour programmable option so you can wake up to fresh coffee every day.

Get the affordable and convenient Hamilton Beach BrewStation coffee maker today!

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