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Getting To The Root Of Hair Loss: Why Are Your Lovely Locks Thinning?

Hair loss is something that we all experience, as it is estimated that a person usually loses about 50 to 100 hairs daily. It is, therefore, common to have hair fall after some time. All this happens at the scalp of the hair, especially when the cycle of hair growth changes. 

          Statistics show that 50% of your hair may be lost before it becomes noticeable.

Even though we usually lose hair daily, it does not mean that it’s okay to lose hair. Hair loss is not genetic; however, not a big issue as we also grow hair every day; hence the lost hair should easily be replaced.

Thinning of dreadlocks has become common nowadays, with people giving different theories on possible factors that contribute to the thinning of dreads. Read on to find out some of the legitimate reasons why your dread might be thinning.

Reasons Why Your Lovely Locks Are Thinning

1. Diet

This is one of the most common reasons why individuals lose their hair. It is also the primary reason why the hair does not grow back at the required rate.

Without a good diet, your dreadlocks will continue to get thin. Some of the things to include in your diet to reduce thinning of your locks include many fruits, greens, proteins, and minerals such as zinc, which help to thicken and strengthen your hair.

Zinc can be obtained by adding legumes such as berries, potatoes, beans, corn, and asparagus in your diet.

2. Stress

One of the ways negative stress hurts our health is by causing loss of hair. So when you are stressed for a long period, you might start noticing some hairless patches on your head.

One of the best ways of ensuring that your dreads are always healthy is reducing stress. You can reduce stress by reading a book, crocheting, taking soothing tea, having scalp massages, taking long walks, and practicing yoga.

3. Long Maintenance Intervals

Some hair types can stay for a long period in the same condition, while others cannot withstand those prolonged durations before maintenance. For example, if you have fine hair, you need to do maintenance regularly to avoid hair loss.

Sisterlocks and micro-locks should not go for a long time without being maintained as it will cause thinning. 

Since hair sheds occasionally, regular maintenance allows the loose hair from the scalp to encapsulate, giving strength to your dreadlocks resulting in minimal thinning.

4. Genetics

The density of our hair is mainly dependant on our genes. This means that if balding runs in your family, then you have a high possibility of going bald.

                  The male pattern of baldness (MPB) accounts for more than 95% of hair loss in men.

Nothing can be done to prevent hair loss that’s as a result of genetics.

5. Heavy Products

It’s essential to use products that can dissolve in water. Products that do not dissolve in water usually require harsh surfactants and shampoos for you to get rid of them.

You should, therefore, avoid using honey, waxes, or butter since they tend to accumulate at the roots of your locks, making them suffocate and fall out.

6. Hair Colors

If you use chemicals on your hair, such as hair colors and henna, you provide a perfect environment for thinning. Unfortunately, when you use these harmful chemicals, they are usually left inside the locks, causing them to break and thin since they have deteriorated from the inside out.

7. Medication

Sometimes, drugs that are prescribed to you can be the reason why your beautiful locks are thinning. This is because some medications have side effects that result in hair loss.

In such cases, there is very little you can do to stop the thinning of your locks, but as soon as you finish taking the medication, the situation will gradually improve as the medication gets out of your system.


Your hair is essential, and this is why we usually do all we can to ensure that the hair is looking great at all times. Your hair gives you an identity, confidence and makes you memorable.

If you know other reasons that might lead to hair thinning, use the comment section to contribute to this important conversation.

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