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Gender Inequality: Issues And Their Solutions

Discrimination against women has become a global problem. They face various inequalities in different parts of the world. It could be in representation, cultural practices, resource allocation, among others. For these reasons, we have decided to highlight the challenges women face due to gender discrimination and the solutions.

Challenges Faced ByWomen Due To Gender Discrimination

1. Early marriages

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According to Plan International, a total of 12 million girls, yearly, get married below the age of 18 years around the world. The reasons for early marriages differ according to communities.

Some Kenyan communities engage in child marriages to shift the economic burden to another family. Mind you; the girls are married off to older men.

2. Gender Pay Gap

Most women are unqualified for the top position jobs for having inadequate education. Men, on the other hand, because they are skilled and educated, take up these top positions, therefore, earning a lot more than women.

However, in some organizations, women still receive low payments compared to the men working for the same organization and in the same position. For example, in the EU, women’s salary is estimated to be 16.4% less than men’s.

3. Under-Representation

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Globally, women have been under-represented in most sectors. It is believed that since women engage in triple roles, they are mostly unavailable.

When women are under-represented, the few who can stand for women’s issues in policy-making have less influence. As a result, you find that some policies are made in favor of the men who have zero firsthand experience of what it means to be a woman, and there lies discrimination.

4. Access and Control

Women take care of the farm, plant, harvest, and sell their produce. The men control the money they earn from their production. On average, women only have access to resources but no control.

5. Education Rights

In education, women are denied the right to education. With the argument that after educating them, they get married to other families; therefore, education attained helps other families. We have 130 million girls globally being denied an education.

6. Health Issues

Talk about women’s health. Due to the high poverty levels among women, they don’t have medical covers. As a result, they remain at home even during their period of illness since they have no one to cater to their medical expenses. This worsens when they have to deal with reproductive health issues.

Solutions To Gender Inequality

We have talked quite much on the issues around gender inequality. Here are some of the ways that we can apply to curb gender inequality in our states:

  • Various state governments should ensure full implementation of policies around early marriages. Additionally, doing away with retrogressive cultural practices that enhance child marriages.
  • Quality and basic education should be provided for both boys and girls to empower them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. For example, Kenya has implemented free primary education for all.
  • Workplaces should ensure transparency on the pay for their employees to bridge the wage gaps.
  • Women should be empowered to take up high positions in different organizations to increase the representation of their issues in policy formulation.
  • Buy-in men in forums that involve gender issues so that they can be aware of the issues and implications of the same.
  • The provision of economic support to women will help reduce poverty levels. In addition, the government should ensure that all people have access to medical covers. The Kenya government provides free maternal health for all women.


Women’s discrimination affects not only women and girls but also the state as a whole. Therefore, apart from these issues, we have gone further to identify solutions to put in place to reduce these discrimination issues.

It is important to note that women play vital roles in our lives; therefore, should not be discriminated against.

Countries with women taking part in decision-making have outstanding economic growth. In addition to this, women can influence policymaking and implementation for a better world. Charles Malik once said the fastest way to change society is to mobilize the women of the world.


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