Five Good Reasons Why You Should Own A Pet!

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Since prehistoric ages, man has used animals to help in works, hunting, and even in battles. But pets are like family members, showing unconditional love and care to their owner.  They are the source of joy, laughter, and all sorts of positive emotions in the life of their human companion.

A pet can decrease stress levels, anxiety, depression, and loneliness.  But, they encourage exercise and social activities, which improvephysical and mental health. Studies show that children with pets develop a good moral character.

It’s no wonder that the popularity of pets is increasing day by day because of the benefits they provide.

That is what, we are going to discuss today.

Reasons Why You Should Own A Pet

1. Positive Effects On Your Mental And Physical Health

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We are always stressed, anxious in this competitive world. But, having a pet increases good hormones (serotonin and dopamine) and decreases bad hormones (cortisol) in the blood. That helps us to get relaxed and drop the blood pressure level.

Pets like dogs or cats make you more active as you need to take for a walk regularly. This helps lowering blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglyceride. Hence prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Children with cognitive delays, autism, sensory processing issues, and other challenges are treated with therapy dogs or horses to improve discipline and self-esteem, and to decrease frustration and trauma.

Even patting or cuddling your pet or seeing the fish in the aquarium can make you calm and less stressed. Contrary to your belief, studies say that a child with a pet is less likely to get allergies.

2. For Security Reasons

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Pets can make your home more secure. Whether you are a couple with children or elderly person having a dog can help burglars to keep away from your home. Not only indoors but when you are out for a walk or shopping having a pet with you can make you safer.

3. Helps To Enlarge Your Social Circle

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Pets such as dogs and cats should be taken out for a walk or run regularly. This increases the chance of meeting new people as well as the old ones. Your pet can help encourage small talks with strangers and sometimes find your match for life.

4. They Keep You Company Even In Your Hard Times

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Whether you are a working couple on a different shift or an elderly person you need a pet companion to cope with depression. Studies show that elderly people who own a pet can prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other negative outcomes.

As pets seek your constant attention they make you feel more desirable. That helps you forget your problems. Pets often help their owners to easily overcome social rejections with their unconditional love.

Dogs and cats can even understand the slightest change in the body language of their owner when they are in trouble. It then sits there as a well-behaved audience and tries to work through their troubles with a wagging tail or purring.

5. Makes Your Child Well Mannered

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Children love pets. That’s why every kid asked for a pet at least once in life. But with pets, comes lots of responsibility. They are needed to feed, take for a walk, give a bath, clean their place, and get medicated timely.

When children are entrusted with such duties, they learn discipline, practical skills, nurturing, and empathy skills. Pets also help kids gain emotional intelligence.


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

But all pet’s stories don’t come with a happy ending. They are often ill-treated, tortured, misbehaved, and left alone to die when they are old. The best part is that there are lots of organizations that fight for the rights of animals and comes to rescue these innocent pets when informed.

So before we end this session, I should say that be a human first, to own an animal.

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