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Factors To Consider Before Buying Cologne

The fragrance you wear identifies you among the crowd. It is, therefore, essential to be keen when choosing cologne because it defines your personality. You have to select a unique fragrance, and that lasts throughout the day.

 There are colognes for unisex, and there are those that are meant strictly for either men or women. Choosing a perfume can be complicated, so here are some tips to aid you when selecting a fragrance.

Things To Consider Before Buying Cologne

1. The strength or concentration

A good cologne should be dominating. The reason why you might feel if as some colognes are too strong than others is that it does not define your personality. 

The same cologne you term as strong is a favorite for the other.

2. Ingredients in the cologne

It takes a million flowers to extract a kilo of a particular scent. That is why the ingredients in the cologne define how much it costs. Some scents include floral, woody, and alpine mountain oriented, among others. So, study the elements on the cologne and choose the one that fits and defines you best.

3. Your lifestyle

While some scents soothe you, others are rejuvenating. However, ensure that you select a fragrance that matches you. So, if you are a jovial and super active kind of person, choose a perfume that makes you feel energetic because some have relaxing effects, for example, a rosy scent.  

4. How the cologne smells

Did you know you can wear the same cologne as the one your friend has but feel differently? Once you apply the cologne on your skin, it reacts with the natural bacteria on your skin, which is different from your friend’s to give a slight difference in smell. 

5. The time it takes for the cologne to wear out

While some cologne lasts for two hours, others last for up to 8 hours. However, the fragrance won’t be as dominating as it was when you first applied it. So, understand the notes of the cologne which are such as:

  • Base note, it lasts long, and it can diffuse through the room.
  • Heart notes, usually composed of floral scents- it is a balanced scent and can last throughout the day
  • Top note. It is a strong scent immediately you spray on your skin, but after a while, the scent minimizes.

6. Where you spray your cologne

While some people spray cologne on the clothes, others you have to apply it on the skin. A scent used on the skin lasts longer than the one sprayed on clothes. However, for maximum effect, wear cologne on the parts that you move the most; these include the wrist, behind ears, and other joints.


Choosing cologne is hard, especially if you are ordering online, and you can’t smell the fragrance before purchasing. Therefore, take your sweet time before making your decision.

Do some research on the company since if it has been producing exquisite colognes for centuries means they’ve taken their time to improve the product to meet most people’s needs. Also, the cost of the cologne should give you a message – it an ideal and unique fragrance. You can’t regret purchasing cologne from such a company.

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