Eyes Make You Beautiful!! Take Care Of Their Health

“Eyes” the most expressible part of your face. People say eyes speak a lot, that’s true they are the mirror of your thoughts. Eyes not only help you in vision but also add up to the beauty of the person. As they play so important role, we really need to take care of our eyes.

 Like any other healthcare thing, eyes also need proper attention. As the present world scenario is going on we have become a working machine and hardly take some rest. And i can say along with the brain our eyes are also working continuously in any kind of work.

Eyes also get tired up and need some rest. And we generally ignore the health of our eyes which is unacceptable. If we want to prolong our life and use the most of our potential we need to take care of our eyes.

 So here making this thing easy for all of you out there, let me tell you it’s high time to start focusing on your eyes. Here are some tips which will help you throughout your life.

How To Take Care Of Your Eyes

1. Having a healthy diet

The healthier you eat the wealthier you will become. Your diet is the first and foremost thing you need to improve for healthy eyes. You should eat food items that are rich in beta carotene, Vitamins A and C, fatty acids, and lycopene. Such a diet is completed by; Green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach etc.

Other healthy foods include:

  •  Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons.
  • Cod liver oil, fishes like salmon and tuna.
  • Don’t forget to involve carrots and nuts in the diet.

2. Quit smoking

Its good if you don’t smoke but if you do, stop smoking from now. Smoking not only harms your lungs but also have a huge impact on the damage of optic nerve leading to cataract.

3. Avoid strenuous work

We don’t say quit your job but we just advise you to minimize the amount of time you put in computers or mobiles. If you have to work for a long time trying to exercise your neck by nodding up-down this will increase the blood flow to eyes and brain.

Use protective glasses to save your eyes. Don’t focus on screen continuously for more than 20 seconds. Give yourself a 2 min break after every 20 minutes of work.

4. Protect yourself from sunlight

While you go out on a sunny day don’t forget to wear sunglasses to protect from UV-A and UV-B rays. Try to get a sunglass with full coverage to protect your eyes from sides also.

5. Avoid dryness

Try to drink at least 3 litres of water daily it will keep your eyes wet. After every 2 hours wash your eyes with fresh water to keep it hydrated. When you get time put a slice of cucumber on your eyes for 10 min it will relax your eyes. And if your eyes are getting irritated or dried up use methylcellulose eye drops before you sleep.

6. Consult your doctor

Don’t forget to visit your eye specialist regularly. Don’t ignore if you feel strained out. If there is any kind of blurred vision get your check-up done and take measure as advised by an ophthalmologist.


Now I think you know the importance of your eye care and you will practice it from now onwards. Don’t ignore your eyes, they are really precious.

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