Essential Tools An Online Freelancer Must Have

For you to prosper in any field you require to have the right tools; online freelancing is not any different. Without having the right tools, online freelancing can be a tough career as you can find yourself making decisions that will lead to losses.

The availability of a lot of tools is good as it gives you a lot of alternatives as you can be able to choose those that suit you best. Unfortunately, this also means that you have to carefully vet every tool to ensure that you make the right decision, which is very difficult.

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5 Essential Tools An Online Freelancer Must Have

1. Marketing tools

The number one objective of every online freelancer is creating a strong brand that is recognized and respected. This ensures that your success is long-term.

Marketing tools are some of the things that will help to strengthen your brand and to get it out there. Excellent examples of such tools include Ghost – which is an open-source application meant for journalists and bloggers, MailChimp – which is one of the best marketing tools in the market today as it’s thorough, and MeetEdgar – which is a social posting management system.

All the three marketing tools named above are, however, not free as they have monthly charges, but it’s an investment worth making.

2. Task management tools

Task management tools are essential to an online freelancer as they help you to consolidate your work and to keep you organized at all times. Without using such tools, you can lose a lot of revenue due to confusion brought about by being disorganized.

As an online freelancer, you have a lot of work. A perfect example of a task management tool that can help you to centralize your workload is Google Tasks. This tool enables you to create tasks from all your emails, and it synchronizes the assignments created with your Google Calendar. Using such a tool allows you to work in an orderly manner.

Wunderlist is another example of an excellent task management tool that you can use as an online freelancer. The tool allows you to create a list of all the tasks you have and reminds you when each assignment is due.

3. Time tracking tools

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Most online freelancers bill their work on an hourly basis. This is why you need to have a tool that tells you how much time you have spent working. If you don’t know how much time you have spent on a given project, you will end up losing money by undercharging. Even worse – you can also lose your clients if you overcharge them.

You can avoid the two scenarios by investing in a tool that tracks time. Examples of time tracking tools you can use include RescueTime, TimeCamp, Toggl, and Harvest.

4. Financial management tools

The primary reason why you are in the online freelancing business is to make money. This is why you need to keep track of your finances, as this is the only way you know how your online freelancing business is performing.

This is challenging for many freelancers, as you already have a lot on your plate. This is where financial tools come in handy as they help you to manage your expenses, keep track of your billable hours, and send invoices to your clients.

Some of the financial tools you can use include Fundbox, FreshBooks, and Due.

5. Proposal tools

For you to be able to secure jobs as an online freelancer, you have to send proposals to your potential clients. This usually is a challenging and time-consuming process, but using proposal writing tools ensures that you always have attractive proposals sent on time.

This improves the chances of you getting more gigs. Proposal tools you can use include Qwilr and Proposify.


Tools are meant to make your work easier, and that is what the above online freelancing tools do. The tools will do their job to ensure that you are organized, profitable, and have the time to complete your duties as well.  


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