Difficult Customers: How To Handle Them Like A Pro

Your client busts into your office, unannounced, frustrated that you failed to deliver services offered on time. Every little effort you make to reason with them goes unnoticed, and they finally walk out, promising never to use your services ever again.

 This has happened to the best of us. Demanding clients are part of any business, and no matter how bad you may want to get rid of them, you know it’s wise to keep them around.

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So how do you maintain the business and still keep your sanity? Follow through to find out the right way to handle those problematic clients like a pro.

How To Handle Difficult Customers Like A Pro

1.      Be calm, listen and lower your voice

Do not argue with the customer. Let them vent out their frustrations even if you know they are mistaken. Empathize with them and show them that you understand how they feel. The trick is to get them to calm down as you come up with a solution.

If they get louder, lower your voice and see if your calm demeanor can help them settle down. Stay put even if the clients get verbally abusive and remind them you are there to resolve their problem. This natural response makes them think you care, and you understand their frustrations.

2.      Identify the type of customer you are dealing with

This should be your second step to successfully handling a conflict. Is the customer indecisive, highly critical, or aggressive?

These three categories can’t be handled the same way. The goal is to resonate with their inner feelings and acknowledge that it is human nature to get angry and look for ways to offer the best solutions.

3.      Apologize to the customers

A well-delivered apology can change the whole situation. How you phrase it though, will determine how successful it is. Please put the apology in a way that gives the customer an upper power to forgive you and makes them feel like they are in control of the situation.

By doing so, the client gets a chance to respond, and if the apology is accepted, you can move on to providing a solution to their problem.

4.      Offer a solution

Ask the client what they want. Rather than second-guessing what would appease them, go straight and ask what their desired outcome would be.

This is much better than giving them a solution that they don’t want anymore. You also get a better chance to start your negotiations focusing on the problem at hand.

5.      Make use of your support resources

This is a trick that many organizations have learned to use when dealing with demanding clients. While it’s not always practical, reports have shown that it does work.

Here are some examples that can save you time:

  • Place an aggressive client on a strategic hold. This can buy time for them to cool down.
  • Ask your colleague to talk to the client. Both of you should offer the same solution. This additional confirmation lets the client calm down and trusts that a solution will be found.

Bottom Line

Although the customer is always right, it’s not easy dealing with demanding clients. Most customers are likely to make repeat purchases if you offer excellent customer service. Knowing how to handle conflicts can be your secret recipe for building a positive reputation with your consumers.

So, don’t cringe when you see that difficult customer walk into your office or call you. Handle their issues like a pro!

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