9 Best Cleaning Apps To Help You Organise Your Home

House cleaning is challenging, and I know that from experience. This is why I have compiled a list of simple-to-use apps that will help you organize your house efficiently so that you can stay on top of your cleaning tasks.

Let’s take a look.

1. Do!

Simple, easy-to-use house cleaning task lists are readily available at a  moment’s notice with this nifty little app. There’s no better way to keep track of your tasks than with the Do! app, which features paper-like sounds as well as a pen and paper feel. In addition, tasks can be added and viewed with the Today widget on your device.

To keep track of bathroom cleaning tasks versus kitchen cleaning tasks, you can use a color-coding system to organize your to-do list. Furthermore, with in-app purchases, Do! is available on Android and iOS devices. Premium users have access to unlimited task groups and are removed from advertisements.

2. Tody

The Tody app works with iOS and Android devices to make housekeeping tasks easier. By turning cleaning into a game, it is intended to motivate users. In addition to offering you daily notifications, it also allows you to claim credit for actions.

According to one user on the app store: ‘I love this app! My house has never been so clean. You don’t sometimes realize that something you thought you did “last week” was really “last month.” This app really helps me keep track, especially of less frequent tasks that tend to get forgotten.’

3. Clean My House

You can also schedule errands with this smart free app. To help you gradually cross things off your to-do list, the app reminds you each morning what needs to be done that day. Our mission is to provide help and order to all, whether you live on your own or have a large household.

You can make lists and receive daily notifications for those who love to create lists.

4. Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning Checklist provides users with a simple checklist that makes it easy to keep track of their cleaning tasks. With its room-based organization, it offers a convenient means to manage your responsibilities. It helps people manage their chores more effectively by wiping down surfaces and cleaning windows.

Not only that, but you can also share your checklist with friends and family. Are you living with someone who doesn’t do the cleaning? The checklist can be emailed to them for review.

5. Our Home

Stay organized and manage tasks with this helpful app. It ensures that families can manage daily life without additional stress, whether it is housework or homework. This app is not only great for adults but also kids. All you need to do is to ask the children to mark off the completed tasks when they’re done.

Try this app if you need motivation.

One user shares his experience, saying: ‘This app has done wonders for the organization at my house! The reward system is easy to customize for your particular family. My kids have really taken to it as well.’

6. Home Routines

Feeling overwhelmed with household tasks? You can create routine checklists with the Home Routines app, and it sends you reminders, awards you gold stars when you complete tasks, and allows you to customize it however you like.

Are you considering a deep spring cleaning? Get some extra help with this nifty app.

7. Spotless

Is your cleaning list endless? Feeling stressed out? Clean, clutter-free living is the goal of Spotless’s household app. In addition, users can create task lists for different areas of their homes (such as a dining room, living room, and bathroom, for example). Then, as each task is completed, you can mark it off and set a deadline.

‘If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned the air conditioning vents, vacuumed the floor, or dusted the bookshelf, Spotless keeps track.’

8. Homey

Do your kids earn money by completing chores around the house? Getting your children involved in household tasks teaches them valuable skills. You can transfer allowances and assign tasks in one app with Homey.

Families each have a personal account, which is used to keep track of tasks. The wallet, tasks, and more can be viewed as kids log-in. Homey can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android devices. It costs $4.99 a month or $49.99 per year for complete functionality and unlimited family members.

9. Laundry Day

Do you ever wonder what the laundry tags on your clothes mean? In terms of the care of the garment, they each mean something different. By scanning these symbols, Laundry Day gives you care instructions based on your selection. The symbols can be selected manually for instant care suggestions.

You can care for your clothes more efficiently and save time by following instructions such as “do not wring” and “do not bleach.” It costs $.99 to download Laundry Day for iOS devices.

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