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Best Compound Bows: A Comprehensive Guide

“A good archer is known not by his arrows but by his aim.” —Thomas Fuller. And for you to hit the bull’s eye, a good compound bow will come in handily. Why use a Compound bow? 

Compound bows have high speed, high accuracy, and precise aim shot measurement. They use several instruments like riser, limbs, arm guard, cables, and set string to make your shooting flexible. Compound bows are specially used for hunting, fishing, and to develop your archery career. 

To help you select the best compound bows for your archery events, we have recommended a list of the 7 Best Compound Bows for you to consider. We have also included a detailed buying guide to help you through the tedious process of choosing one.

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7 Best Compound Bows Reviewed

1.    Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Adult Compound Bow

You will fall in love with this compound bow due to its classic design and good value. The bow has a unique draw length between 12 to 30 inches and a draw weight from 5 pounds to 70 pounds.

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Adult Compound Bow is suitable for both beginners and experienced archers.

Further, you can easily adjust the bow to an Allen key. This compound bow comes with whisker biscuit arrow rest, a four-pin sight, stabilizer with a sling, five-arrow quiver, nock loop, and peep sight. It weighs three pounds, thus making it comfortable for an all-day hunt. 


  • Lightweight and firm bow
  • Smooth draw and better speed
  • Easily adjustable


  • It isn’t fast enough

2.    Southland Archery Supply SAS Outrage 70 Lbs Compound Bow

With the Southland Archery Supply SAS Outrage 70 Lbs Compound Bow, you are now poised to shoot much better and more accurately than when using traditional bows. This compound bow comes with a compressed ABS limb that is ideal for giving balance and sturdiness to the bow.

The layered limb supports draw weights of up to 70 lbs and can be easily reduced or increased by 5 lbs by loosening or tightening the bolt. It also has an amazing shoot speed power of 270FPS and precise accuracy. This speed is ideal when you are hunting fast running large games.  


  • Affordable
  • Adjustable
  • Forgiving Axle to Axle
  • Superb performance


  • It is bulky 

3.    Bear Archery Divergent Compound Bow 

The Bear Archery Divergent Compound Bow is your all-time lightweight bow that is suitable for all archers. It is designed to give you an excellent and accurate archery experience with a unique speed.

What’s more, the device comes with a hybrid camera system that comes in handily to provide fast and accurate shots with up to 338FPS.

Most outstandingly, its design has 28 inches axle to axle length that aids in balancing different body sizes. Its accuracy is precise, smooth, and silent, enabling you to get away with minimal fails.

Another outstanding feature of this compound bow is the shockwaves limb dumping system. This system absorbs shocks and vibration while shooting. Bear Archery Divergent Compound Bow is also designed with offset string suppressors that minimize vibration and noise. Weighing about 3.9 pounds, it is easy to handle, operate, and maneuver, no matter where you are.


  • Built for high performance
  • The device eliminates vibration and shock
  • hybrid cam system


  • Does not come with a quiver

4.    Diamond Archery 2016 Edge SB-1 Compound Bow 

When looking for a cutting-edge innovative compound bow with the best construction and excellent speed performance, look no further than the Diamond Archery 2016 Edge SB-1 Compound Bow.

This bow is superbly designed for beginners who have a passion for archery, more so women. Its design has one of the most sought-after synchronized binary cam systems.

This cam-system provides for accurate and consistent shoot no matter your location. The compound bow also has an excellent speed of 318 feet per second. Most outstandingly, its draw weight starts from as low as 7 lbs and goes way up to 70 lbs while its axle-to-axle length has is 31 inches. 


  • Easy draw weight adjustment
  • Consistent and accurate
  • Adjustable length and weight


  • Does not include an arrow release
  • Fairly loud

5.    Bear Archery Approach HC RTH Compound Bow 

Bear Archery Approach HC RTH Compound Bow is designed to offer you great performance and accuracy in your archery career. The bow features a high-performance hybrid cam (HC) system, which provides a super smooth draw cycle, accuracy, and speed of 340 feet per second.  

Another outstanding feature of this compound bow is its at-home adjustable draw length. This comes in handily when you want to eliminate the need for a bow press, allowing you to fine-tune the perfect length to your satisfaction.

Besides, it is recommended for you if you don’t want to sacrifice quality but need to stay on budget.


  • Adjustable pivoting movement
  • Offset string suppressors
  • Provides great speed
  • Affordable bow


  • It lacks a few technology upgrades

6.     TOPARCHERY Archery Takedown Recurve Compound Bow 

The TOPARCHERY Archery Takedown Recurve Compound Bow is the perfect gear for newbies and expert archers. It is designed to perform excellently in large game hunts with low hand shocks and good speed.

The gear is laminated with fiberglass that gives a tough, wear-resistant, and beautiful look. You will love this compound bow because it guarantees excellent, versatile, and easy maneuverability.

 Besides, the bow has remover bale limbs that can be stored away when not in use. Moreover, this compound bow is lightweight and has a draw weight of 30 pounds to 50 pounds and an excellent draw length of about 30 inches.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Excellent performance 
  • Safe and easy to use 


  • Does not come with a user manual

7.      Bear Archery Brave Bow Set

Is your child developing an interest in archery, and you wanted to look for a good compound bow for them? Bear Archery Brave Bow Set will be a perfect choice.

This compound bow is suitable for children between the age of 8 and above. Its design is ideal for right-handed use and comes with two safety glass arrows. Besides, it has an excellent draw length range of 13.5 inches and a brace height of 5.5″.


  • Affordable & budget-friendly
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Great performance and accuracy


  • It isn’t easy to adjust the draw length
  • The bowstring is somewhat funky due to the plastic coating

A Buyer’s Guide: Things to Look for When Buying Best Compound Bows

two girls holding bows in archery
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Archery requires very sensitive muscles and keen eyes. And that is what you need to pick the best Compound bows for your shooting activities. Said, what works for someone else will not work for you. Therefore, preferences differ when you are looking for compound bows. That is why it’s important to consider these factors when shopping for your compound bow.

•     Eye Dominance

Eye dominance is an important factor that you should look for when shopping for a compound bow. It is because it helps you focus well on your target with one eye. 

Generally, you tend to see clearer with one eye than you can with the other since everyone has a dominant eye. Once you have mastered your dominant eye, you will be able to shoot accurately with the hand that corresponds with your eye. 

•     Draw Length

When you want to have a long accurate shoot, the drawback strength of the bow should not be too long or too short. It should be medium. The best compound bows have a drawback limit before the string stops to release the arrows. Good bows have adjustable draw length that gives a precise and comfortable fit to archers.  

Short Draw Length leads to an inaccurate shot and increase bow torque. It will also lead to irregularity between shots because you cannot maintain a specific reference point while aiming. 

On the other hand, a long draw length leads to improper posture, giving you an inaccurate shooting form. A long draw length will also add torque and tension to your bow. 

•     Draw Weight

As a golden rule, it is important to match the weight of your compound bow to your strength. A heavy draw weight bow makes you feel uncomfortable and will strain you a lot while shooting. 

An idea compound bow should allow you to adjust the weight required to sustain the string at full draw. Ensure you test the bows and see if you can maintain the hold for about 30 seconds without shaking. If the weight feels good in your hands, then the draw weight is good for you.

•     Axle-to-Axle Length

The axle-to-axle length is important when choosing a compound bow because the stability and maneuverability of the bow are guaranteed for its intended purpose. 

For instance, a shorter bow that is easy to maneuver and control would come in handily when you want to use your bow for hunting in the field, tree stand, or blind hunting. 

On the other hand, a longer bow will be suitable if you intend on using it for target shooting, even in an open field. A longer axle-to-axle length will also give you good stability and reduce the noise the bow makes while shooting. 

•     Weight of the Bow

Depending on your archery level, it is important to consider the weight of the compound bow that will be easy to carry and walk around with. One downside of a lighter compound bow is that it will produce more vibration and sound while using it. 

Final Thoughts

compound bows

When it comes to compound bows, there are several options with different sizes and features. Choosing the appropriate one will entirely depend on how you plan to use it and your experience level. 

The number 1 golden rule before investing in a compound bow; always ensure that you get the best compound bow package for your archery/ hunting needs and skills.

Ensure that you buy a model that is user-friendly, comfortable, stylish, and easy to maneuver based on your preference. Price notwithstanding, always go for something that is within your budget range. With the help of this buying guide, you can now get the best compound bows for your needs. 

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