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9 Cute Natural Hairstyles For Babies

Toddler natural hairstyles for little girls are dazzling and easy to do. As a mother or a caregiver, you want your little girl to step out in style and below are the top natural hairstyles for babies that will help to keep your bundle of joy looking elegant.

Cute Natural Hairstyles For Kids

1. Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA)

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This is easy to do hairstyle, and it is also fast, all you need to do is spritz her hair with a leave-in conditioner spray and use your fingers to fluff her natural hair. To add style to it, you can give her a middle or side part. Then to accessorize the style, add a hair bow or any other accessory of your choice. This style will last for a day.

2. Afro Puff

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This style is also easy to style by using the same method as the teeny weeny afro. If her hair is longer, you can use a brush to gather her hair to a puff. Use an edge control for her edges. Then adorn this lovely style with a headband of your choice.

3. Triple Mohawk

This style can go up to 5 days. You divide your little girl’s hair into three equal parts, starting from top to bottom and then tie up each segment in the middle as a bun. You can also re-pack the buns if they start loosening up.

4. Double Mega Puffs

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This is one of the cutest hairstyles for toddlers with a lot of hair. It is also fast to accomplish since all you need to do is divide her hair from the middle into two equal parts and pull them into double puffs. The style can last for a day but can easily be restyled every morning.

5. Cornrows With A Puff

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This is an excellent style if you have some time and necessary braiding skills. It is done by braiding the front part of her hair into simple braids and then pull the hair at the back into a bun. This style lasts up to a week.

6. Mega Knots

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This is a fancy hairdo for occasions like going to the church, birthdays and other elegant events. These are merely mega Bantu knots with some styling at the edges. The style goes typically for up to a week.

7. Summer Top Knot

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This is such an adorable and classy hairstyle. It can be worn at any time and with any outfit. This also perfect for those moments you want to be matching with your daughter. It lasts for up to a week.

8. Cornrowed Bun

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It is one of the best toddler natural hairstyles for its versatility and its durability as it can last for up to two weeks. To spice it up, wrap some colorful strands around the bun for a fun look.

9. Side Sweep Cornrows with Beads

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Just like the one above, this is a versatile hairstyle and can be worn by adults for a matching mommy-daughter look. If your baby’s hair is exquisite, you can use hair extension pieces. Add colorful beads and other hair accessories for a playful look.


It is advisable that when putting your baby’s hair in any of the above styles, control her edges to avoid losing them. Keep her hair moisturized at all times.  A hair spritz includes water, leave-in conditioner, and oil.

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