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7 Obvious Signs She Is Cheating On You

Few women commit to a relationship with the ill intentions of cheating. Most are loyal. However, some turn to seek happiness in some other man’s arms. As hard as it gets, the only way to take care of you is to find out the truth.

Never expect her to spill it out upfront. Only keen men notice. But if she doesn’t let it out, there are certain things she does that you can pick from if she isn’t straight with you.

How To Know She Is Cheating On You

1. Chatting Way Too Much

If she is texting and chatting with a guy you hardly know, that’s most probably it! It is more apparent if she isn’t straightforward about them and only talks to them if you aren’t looking.

She will start to pick calls from the balcony,  sit away from you, and become overprotective of her phone. A cheating girl will do so much to cover her tracks.

It is hard enough if the outside romp is making her happy and worse when she doesn’t try to cover that. Imagine a girl smiling while texting when you don’t remember the last time your silly jokes lost the taste!

2. You Can’t Get Hold of Your Woman!

If you had a close relationship, you can’t fail to notice that there’s a distance between you two lately. Less sleepover, fewer lunch dates, and calls that don’t go through are sure lines. The lady could be pushing you away because someone else is chilling on your spot. The truth in this!

3. Dates with Friends You Hardly Know

There was a time she wanted you to meet her friends too severely, but this time, you only hear of them. And although a separate social life creates a healthy love life, stay woke! If she is running around with new girls, she may also be meeting different men.

Losing touch with her old crew works against you. You lose the advantage of familiarity to question them about her steps off-late.

4. Her Friends Go Cold On You

Boy, her girl-friends are first to know if she is cheating.  Most girls have close friends whom they confide in, and sadly, they abet to her decision-making. So, if her girls aren’t lively when they meet you like they are usually, there’s something.

5. The Temper!

Her ultimate goal is to raise hell, play the victim, whether you are the villain or not, so that she can cheat without a shred of guilt. She may do this to provoke you, making it easier for her to justify cheating on you.

6. She Stops Being Jealous

She stops bothering about your connections with your female friends or complaining about you spending less time with her. Well, she will use it against you someday, as a form of justification to accept other men flirting with her, or accuse you of her insecurities instead.

7. She Starts Being Too Sexy

If your girl is working out more, buying new clothing, bothering about her hair and nails more than she used to be, a man is noticing her, and if you had no idea she was shopping, it’s definitely not you. Girls will look good for their man, and you’ll know.


It is a terrible feeling to suspect that your woman is cheating. It is worse to wonder if it is wise to confront it, regarding what is at stake. The humiliations, the loss of your relationship, the heartbreak, all feel like a massive block on your heart.

If there are signs that we might have left out, feel free to share them with us in the comment section.

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