7 Most Unforgettable Pop Songs Of The ‘80s

If you ever find a time machine, ask it to take you back to the ‘80s. Ah, the nostalgic music scene full of big hair, gold chains, and colorful leg warmers!

The decade saw a revolution in the music scene that is still impacting the current industry. It included a divergent musical style, the beginning of MTV, and the integration of technology into the industry.

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The music, the images, the sound, and the artists of these times became more influential than ever. A brand breed of mega-stars emerged, defining the genre and the decade through fashion, talent, and persona-and the crowd adored and admired them!

Any great single from his era can change the world in three minutes. Thirty years on, Pop, Rap, New wave, and Hair Metal still retain the magic to men of those times as well as the millennia.

The Most Memorable Pop Tunes Of The ‘80s

1. What’s Love Got To Do With It – Tina Turner

An escape from an abusive marriage gave the world one of its best anthems of the time. After separating from her abusive husband, Tina Turner got up and carried on through this song.

This incredibly honest song marked the peak of her career. The lyrics relate to her experiences, which sound like she is suppressing the budding feelings of love towards someone new, making it look like a lustful desire.

“I’ve been thinking about my own protection” undermines the value of love due to prior heartbreaks. Since heartbreaks are familiar to most, listen to this. You might need tissues, just in case.

2. Beat It – Michael Jackson

No one alive can ever surpass this artistry! The guitar solo and the flashy notes by the iconic King of Pop are hard to come by these days.

The music video addresses the non-violent movement and is one of the most popular and memorable of the MTV era. His timeless voice displays atrocities committed by real gang members in advocating for societal change.

3. Centerfold – J.Geils Band

The bouncy and synth-heavy tune of this song highlights the entire decade of the musical scene. The swagger and exuberance displays in the song earned the band musical performances, making the group reach the peak of its career.

You should listen to the playfulness of the music about a man’s high school sweetheart ending up as the centerfold of women’s magazine. It’s worth it.

4. Endless Love – Lionel Richie & Diana Ross

It’s hard to talk of ballads without mentioning the female and male duets of these times. Among them, Lionel and Diana Ross stand out with their pure, sound-friendly masterpiece classic that gives love a meaning.

The jam might be the reason why many children’s conception happen in cars

5. So Emotional – Whitney Houston

There wouldn’t be ‘80’s without Houston. The late pop diva indisputably had the ability to write top-notch songs.

Just like those classic automobiles that rolled ages ago, they are not making such songs again. You’ll be lucky to hear this infectious tune that makes many individuals subject to its seduction.

6. Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns N’ Roses

If you won’t play air guitar during this song’s introduction, there’s something wrong with you. The legendary Axl Rose and his mates managed to craft intricate and polished music that transformed the face of the rock industry.

The song brings into sharper focus the fact that everyone has that one person they love, whose face they see wherever they go. The guitar will make you miss the ‘80s, even if you were yet to be born.

7. Jump – Van Halen

While some hard rock artists came to be because of greed when hair metal kicked off, Van Halen introduced a fine organic tune to a whole generation! This hit was the high-point of the band’s career, and the instruments define the characteristics of the ‘80s.


Although the current pop scene is trying to recreate the ’80s, it isn’t invoking the decade’s true craze.  You should feel lucky to have such music. They don’t make these anymore!

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