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7 Gifts That Won’t Freak Out Your New Boyfriend

A new relationship is all about the first impressions, and no one wishes to make a wrong one. It might be tricky to decide on the first gift for a new boyfriend.

If you buy him an overly romantic gift, you might scare him away. On the other hand, if you do not put much thought into the small new gift, he might think that you are not really interested.

However, there is a way to strike a good balance between the two. You can buy him a gift that shows that you are genuinely into him but one that does not go overboard.

Here are some gift suggestions that we have laid out for you to choose from.

Gifts That Won’t Freak Out Your New Boyfriend

1.     A Branded T-shirt of Their Best Band, Team, or Movie

Just because he is your new boyfriend does not mean that you two haven’t shared some time together. During the short time you have spent with him, he probably has talked about his favorite team, movie, or band. If you can remember anything he seems to love so much, it might be an excellent chance to make your first impression.

Grab him a fantastic t-shirt that shows their best interests. For example, you can get him branded t-shirt of their favorite movie or series, favorite sports team, or favorite band. A t-shirt is a small gift, yet it speaks volumes that you are attentive to what he says when you are together.

2.     A Movie Night Invite

Reflecting on the past dates you and your new squeeze have had, you know what kind of movies he likes. So why don’t you grab him a ticket and invite him to a movie night and make it memorable for him?

A movie night invite works best if you two are the romantic type but still working under a budget. It is a thoughtful gift, but it does not go way overboard. First, find out if they love night-outs and the kind of movies they like. For example, you don’t want to invite him to a thriller movie if he likes drama movies.

3.     A Comic Book

A good number of men love comic books, and some of them even have a collection of their best ones. So if you notice that your new man is into comic books, why don’t you get him one?

A comic book will give him something interesting to read and keep it afterward. It is an ideal small gift that shows you are thinking of him, and it’s something that won’t freak him out.

4.     A Gift Card

If you really can’t come up with a perfect gift for your new boyfriend, consider buying him a gift card. The gift card should be from his favorite store so that he can get what he would cherish. Think of a store that he has frequently mentioned in your talks and get a gift card from the store.

This one is clever yet thoughtful. With a gift card, you don’t have to think of what to get him, and you let him choose what he would love and actually use.

5.     A Pampering Gift

A guy may not ask for a pampering gift or even get themselves one, but he can appreciate it if you’d get him one. It could be a good moisturizer, some manly slippers, a soft towel, or even a shower gel. A pampering gift shows that you really care, but it’s not something that might scare him away.

First, think about his character since some guys would never appreciate it if you brought them a shower gel. Some guys are strict when it comes to their shower gels and moisturizers, such that they only want a particular brand. So choose carefully.

On the other hand, some men would appreciate a good shower gel, but they never see it necessary to buy one. So if you surprise him with one, he will be reminded of you whenever he uses it.

6.     Hobby Gifts

By now, you probably know what his best hobbies are. You can get him a reusable hiking water bottle, hiking shoes, or cooking supplies if he likes hiking. You can get him something among his traveling gear if he loves traveling, but it should not be too expensive.

7.     A Customized Wallet

Get him a wallet with his first name on it, his initials, or a monogram. You can also surprise him with an engraved, personalized message inside the wallet.

How To Budget For A Small Gift For A New Boyfriend

The first few months of your new relationship are not the best times to splurge and be over extravagant. It is not the best time to buy a costly watch, $300 athletic shoes, or a treat to an expensive vacation. You should leave this to when you two are perfectly familiar with each other.

Try to work on a smaller budget. Buy him a gift that will not make him feel that he has to reciprocate it with a pricey gift as well. Start low and re-evaluate as time goes by.

Also, consider what you spend when on your regular dates with him. Try to work within the range of what you spend on each date. You don’t want to use an amount that is way above what you usually use. But, on the other hand, you shouldn’t also go way below the amount you two spend.

Also, spend what you feel comfortable with. Don’t push yourself too much lest you start to feel that the new relationship is taking a toll on you. When you spend what you feel comfortable with, you will also love what your new boyfriend may gift you too.

Final Words

The excitement of a new relationship might push many people into trying hard to impress their new squeeze. Trying to impress your new boyfriend is not a bad thing, but trying way above what you can do is not recommended. So choose wisely, work within your budget, do not be too extravagant, and select a gift that will put a smile on his face.

Small, thoughtful gifts are ideal for a new boyfriend, the kind that will not make him feel small, and a gift that will not freak him off!

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