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7 Coloring Books To Help Erase Anxiety During Lockdown & Beyond

The current situation makes the perfect breeding ground for anxiety, especially with the echoing uncertainty- and it’ll smother you unless you find a way out.

Anxiety has a way of knocking on the mind, and every effort you may put in to help your mental health may be futile if you miss out on what works for you. While long phone calls with friends and sunbaths work for other people, it may not do the same for you.

Therefore, it is vital to engage yourself in other exciting activities, until you find what soothes you. Since the closure of many amenities such as the gym, parks, clubs, and churches, it is hard to find a stress reliever. Meanwhile, it is time you try coloring!

While you may laugh it off as children’s activity, coloring proves to be an ideal low budget emotional outlet for adults. The tranquility that kids have while coloring should make you desire such glow.

The uncertain times have unveiled a series of adult coloring books you may want to check out. So which one of these books possesses the magic? Stay on and find out.

7 Coloring Books That Are Good For Your Anxiety

1.  World Of Flowers: A Coloring Book And Floral Adventure

You must be missing the smell of flowers and leaves in the park by now. You can quench that thirst by taking a thrilling tour into the realms of fantasy using Johanna Basford’s book at a small fee.

This crispy coloring book awaits you to find the magnificent flora in its midst. You will bring to life the floating gardens of water poppies in South Africa and the graceful cosmos in Japan but also radiance to your life.

Its smoothness will allow unrestricted glide your pencil, bringing you the same vibe.

2.  Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel Coloring Book

If the current situation cut short your year’s travel plans, get this book and take your mind to the world’s 100 fabulous places instead.  You’ll be able to awaken your inner explorer and discover other places you weren’t aware that they exist on earth.

The descriptions of the places you color will surprise you, humble you, and amaze you. You might revise your travel bucket list after this!

3.  The Mindfulness Coloring Book

It is possible to poke into your meditative reality without hurting your mind. You only have to get yourself this pocket-sized book.

You will be able to narrow down your world to colors, lines, and focus as you pull away from your pains through the teacups, cats, and butterflies in the book.

4.  Vogue Coloring Book

The Stay-at-home order confinement is making everyone to miss dressing up for events and dates. A fashion icon, Lain Webb, displays a glamorous dream closet of ball gowns, suits, opulent dresses, and heavenly accessories.

They only require you to give them a color pop for them to stand out. The book will not only ease your mind but also offer you styling tips. It is worth it!

5.  Patterns Of The Universe

Has earth ever thrilled you? You can connect to the natural wonders you keep questioning through this book. You’ll get to find the silhouette of a snowflake and the spiral seeds of a sunflower mesmerizing.

The creative activity will draw you from your misery into resetting and refreshing the patterns of the universe. You’ll find yourself laughing at your mathematical skills when you meet intricate patterns. Aren’t you seeking laughter after all?

6.  This Annoying Life: A Mindless Coloring Book For The Highly Stressed

Get naughty and call life as it is, annoying! The cheeky pages of this book allow you color into the true bothers of daily life.

You’ll get to relate the chaos of assembling furniture, clearing office paper jam, juggling remote controls, and nudging the kitty that won’t let you read your novel. It is the opposite of the other items that fill life with glamor, and blossoming flowers, and addresses life by its name!

7.  Drinking Animal Coloring Book

The boredom in your house has directed animals and alcohol towards your heart. Honestly, a kitty by your side and wine down your throat will get the days moving.

How nice it will be if you channel this new reality into a book and give animals a glass of wine and learn new cocktail recipes as well. The animals feature simple patterns that allow naughty and straightforward coloring. It is a fun way of healing your soul.


It is normal to be anxious; however, don’t let it interfere with your daily activities. You can embrace it by glamming them with only a pen and paper!

As you add color to your dark thoughts, remember to breathe. The ideal treatment for anxiety starts from within. Good luck.

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