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7 Actionable Ways Of Commanding Respect Without Being A Jerk

Everyone wants to be respected. You want the people around you to hold you with high regard and admiration. But in most cases, you may end up being a jerk as you seek respect.

It’s normal to demand respect from the people you relate with. But a jerk will even go to extremes such as being aggressive and violent when they do not get the respect they crave.

When you force people to respect you, they end up doing the opposite. For this reason, you should learn ways you can command respect without being a jerk.

If you are not sure how to do this, here are actionable ways you could borrow to help you command respect without being rude.

Ways Of Commanding Respect Without Being A Jerk

1. Respect Yourself

Respect must start from within. You cannot expect the people you relate with to hold you in high regard if you do not do the same for yourself. Therefore you should treat yourself with respect first to receive the same.

The first step to respect yourself is through practicing self-love. Loving yourself entails being aware of your strengths and weaknesses and accepting the whole of you. With self-love, you put your wellbeing and needs before those of others.

Therefore, you will be in healthy relationships and remove yourself from people or situations that degrade your self-worth. And once the people around you recognize that you respect yourself, they will extend the same regard.

2. Set Boundaries

It is noble to be helpful and accommodating to the people around you. However, when people expect you to always be there for them, their regard for you degrades; hence they take you for granted. After all, after an apology and few weeks of acting right when they offend you, everything they did will be water under the bridge.

When you are too available or forgiving to those you relate with, they tend to lose their respect for you. Therefore, you should learn to set boundaries. And this entails learning to say no.

Do not be a people pleaser. Whenever you feel uncomfortable doing favors for someone, or when you are in a situation that dents the regard you have for yourself, calmly say no. setting boundaries helps people respect your personal space.

3. Be Worthy of Respect

Give people a reason to respect you. And this entails having qualities or doing things people admire and want to associate with or be part of.

For instance, building your career and having an honorable status in society will automatically earn you respect. Therefore you should be ambitious and work on personal growth whether in your career, job, academics, and even in relationships, to mention a few.

Nobody wants to associate with a failure. Therefore, you should make yourself worthy of people’s admiration and respect.

4. Respect Others

Treat others as you would want them to treat you. Respect is two-way; you have to accord respect to receive it in return. Therefore you should be mindful of your actions to those around you.

If you are the kind of person who yells insults whenever there is a disagreement, or you show disrespect to those you feel are inferior to you, then you can be sure to expect the same treatment in return.

An excellent way to respect others is through trying to fit in another person’s shoes. Before you react to situations, always try to relate to the other party and question how you would want to be treated if you were in a similar predicament. And when you do this, you can be sure that your accord to the people around you will be fair, just, and respectful.

5. Accept Mistakes

To err is human. Everyone makes mistakes but how one responds to them is what matters. Therefore, you must self-evaluate how you behave whenever you are wrong.

If you are the kind of person who feels that they are always right and cannot accept they made a mistake, or if you result in blaming others for your shortcomings, then you should be ready for a load of disrespect from your relations.

A person who accepts mistakes or criticism whenever they are wrong is more likely to learn from them. Most people consider those who acknowledge their mistakes and learn from them as mature and intelligent, so you can be sure to be a source of admiration to those you interact with.

6. Observe Your Body Language

Often, when you walk up to a group of strangers, they decide whether to hold you in high regard even before you talk to them. This is because they study your body language.

Your body language gives the first impression of yourself. Therefore, ensure that how you carry yourself commands respect and being confident is an excellent way to do this.

So, whenever you walk into a room, ensure that you hold your head high and maintain eye contact with those you interact with. This will show that you are confident, and in turn, people will respect you.

7. Avoid Gossip

There is no honor in putting the people around you down. Therefore, you should avoid talking behind people’s backs, especially when you spread rumors that dent another person’s image.

Often, the people who spread rumors are dissatisfied with their life, therefore put others down to feel good about themselves. And as you do so, you end up degrading how people regard you, therefore lose respect. So stay clear of gossip as much as you can.


Commanding respect does not have to entail disrespecting the people around you. You cannot be respected if you constantly abuse other people emotionally or physically.

Commanding respect entails having admirable qualities that spike people to treat you with high regard. Therefore familiarize yourself with these tips. This way, you will not have to be a jerk to command respect.

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