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6 Email Marketing Mistakes That Will Crash Your Campaign

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Email marketing is the act of converting subscribers into potential customers. It involves sending personalized commercial messages to different individuals through email.

However, for you to be successful and create a meaningful relationship with your clients, you must have adequate knowledge and experience in email marketing. This will help you thrive in your campaigns and make more sales.

Here you will learn more about the common email marketing mistakes that can crash your campaign and how you can fix them.

Email Marketing Mistakes That Will Crash Your Campaign

The following are the email marketing mistakes:

1.     Lack of Personalization

Dispatching emotionally drained messages is one of the significant mistakes that marketers make in their campaigns. This makes potential customers not to be interested in the email’s content, resulting in fewer click-throughs and opens and the loss of clients.

Sending personalized emails make the readers feel that they really matter to the brand. The emails also tie active users to the offer, establish trust with customers, and inspire them to use the provided products or services.

The email should contain relevant content to convey the message precisely to the targeted users. For instance, a client-oriented email must tell about the company’s history, tell its competitive strengths and advantages, and share the brand’s exciting facts. Ensure you use email customization smartly to make sure all your emails are readable.

2.     Sending Emails That Are Not Mobile Optimized

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Today, billions of people read emails using their smartphones. If you want your email marketing campaign to rock, consider mobile users.

Mobile optimization ensures your readers can access their emails quickly and conveniently. This will help to enhance customer awareness and consequently increase your online sales.

To ensure this works for your targeted users, use simple and meaningful text that conveys an explicit message. Besides, make sure you use images in your content and pay attention to fonts.

The fonts should be big enough and easy to read on a small screen. Remember to fill all your emails with enticing envelopes.

3.     Failing to Include A Call to Action

A call to action encourages the audience to act in a certain way after reading the text. If your emails do not clearly direct the readers on what to do after getting the message, then your text is pointless since it doesn’t meet your readers’ interests or answer their questions.

Any email should contain information telling potential buyers what to do after reading the message. Failure to do so, your email marketing campaign will lead to zero sales.

A call to action is a powerful marketing tool that can help you create a holistic email campaign to encourage subscribers to take instant responses or motivate them to purchase the products or services.

Place the call to action at the email’s bottom to make sure that the audience is aware of when to take action. Also, ensure that it is well visible and distinguishable. In most cases, a call to action is in bold with a few clicks.

4.     Email Frequency Fluctuations

Email frequency is the gap between an email being helpful and annoying, converting and unsubscribing, and timely and spamming. If you are an email marketer, never send any email without coordinated flow.

Do not send many emails to subscribers since this is spamming, and they won’t read all these messages.  Furthermore, the chances of hitting the unsubscribe button are very high. Make sure you plan accordingly at the right time to deliver the emails.

No readers want to get obtrusive emails in their inboxes. Ensure that the reader is happy to receive your message. Therefore, make sure you have a powerful email marketing strategy and set up better email delivery intervals to increase engagement prospects.

 For proper planning, you can ask subscribers the most convenient time for them to get and read emails. If you are not sure when to dispatch messages, you can send emails after every two weeks.

Even though there are no specified rules regarding the best time to send emails, it is good to note that emails’ open rates increase from Tuesday to Thursday. So never go for weekends if you want to carry out a successful campaign.

5.     Not Allowing Subscribers to Reply

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This is another mistake that many marketers make during email marketing. Most of these marketers say, “do not reply to this email.” This automatically puts your customers off since no subscribers would want to get an email from a company that won’t allow them to reply.

Ensure that all your emails let the readers get back to you in case of more inquiry. If you cannot reply to all emails, add a reply button that will direct your readers to a specific landing page where they can post the queries they want to tell you.

6.     Not Separating Your Subscribers

Sending the same email to all your subscribers is a big mistake since your subscribers have different preferences and tastes. A 50-year-old male would not at all be interested in the same products as a female subscriber in her twenties.

If you want to succeed in your email campaign marketing, ensure you segment your subscribers. You can separate emails depending on your customers’ age, sex, interests, language, location, sales cycle, and previous history purchase.

Many readers will unsubscribe if they get irrelevant emails since they add no value to their lives. Others will mark these emails as spam, while others will delete them.

You can segment your subscribers’ right on the signup page by asking them their preferences, location, age, gender, among other things you need to know.


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Making email marketing mistakes is embarrassing and can ruin your brand. The above are some of the email marketing mistakes that will crash your campaign and email marketing tips that will help you take your business to the next level.

Mistakes are inevitable, and correcting them is the best thing to do. Ensure you send an apology message to your recipients explaining to them what happened.

You can also decide to give them “an apology discount” or anything beneficial to them. Successful email campaigns can increase your sales by bringing more customers. As a result, your revenues and profits will increase.

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