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5 Ways Of Losing Pregnancy Weight

Getting rid of pregnancy weight can be quite a nightmare. Even after a few days or weeks after delivering, you realize your pre-pregnancy clothes are too small, and your favorite pants can’t fit. But, the good news is you can lose this weight.

Well, read on, and get tips on how to get rid of the postpartum weight.

Ways Of Losing Pregnancy Weight  

1. Start small     

The pressure of wanting your body back is real. You think with a snap of a finger, and you are back to shape. But, you have to understand there is no instant magic to this. Losing weight is a process, and it usually takes time. 

You can’t enroll in the gym immediately and start doing hard exercises.  Your body takes some time to recover, so small activities like walking around the compound would undoubtedly do. Walk to the grocery shop. 150 minutes a week is certainly a good start

2. Breastfeed 

 Research reveals that those who breastfeed are likely to lose weight faster than those who don’t. Apart from this, breastfeeding has other benefits for both you and your bundle of joy. Breastfeeding babies have low chances of acquiring diseases like diabetes, lung conditions, leukemia, and skin conditions.

Breast milk supports your baby’s immune system and also nurtures it. As a mother, you also reduce the chances of certain diseases like breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and type II diabetes.

3. Eat healthily

What you eat will, without doubt, reflect on your body – we are what we eat after all! Therefore, ensure you eat healthy and balanced meals at all times. Avoid processed food with refined sugar such as biscuits and cakes.

Also, avoid eating out or regularly ordering food from restaurants. Alternatively, cook healthier food at the comfort of your home. Eat 5- 6 small portions of food daily as compared to three meals a day.

Try keeping snacks like chocolates and chips out of your sight. – out of sight, out of mind. Or rather keep them out of your house. Replace your snacks with healthier ones like carrots or apples. For your dessert, replace your ice cream with yogurt.

4. Set goals        

 Goals give you a direction and enable you towards your baby weight loss journey. You don’t expect to lose 50 pounds, yet you sit on your couch not exercising, or moving around. 

You can start by setting weekly or monthly milestones. Have a motivation. It could be your kids or your pre-pregnancy body. Most of all, it should be about you. How do you want to look or fee should be motivation to get your body moving and engage in weight loss practices.

5. Seek help

The journey sometimes is tough and can be overwhelming at times. Hence you need someone to hold your hand during the journey. As much as it’s tough, you can consult a doctor or dietitian to advise you on what steps take.

Also, talking to other moms who had been where you are and were able to lose weight would help you a lot.  Speak to your family about your goals and objectives and let them act as your support system.


Losing weight after pregnancy can be tough.  But, stop comparing yourself with other mothers, as the journey is different for everyone. You will eventually shed off the extra weight as long as you do the right things.

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