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5 Steps to a Successful YouTube Marketing Strategy

YouTube offers numerous marketing opportunities for your products and services. Even better, YouTube will work best if your audience is on the same platform while your competitor is absent.

YouTube boasts more than 2 billion audiences globally and 51% of YouTube users visit the site daily.

Pew Research Center

Remarkably, YouTube boasts more than 2 billion audiences globally and according to Pew Research Center, 51% of YouTube users visit the site daily. As such, it is a great platform that every marketer should never overlook.  If you create a YouTube channel and lack results, then you should change your marketing strategy.

In this write-up, we will be leaning on how one can create a YouTube marketing strategy that works. As you implement them, your subscribers’ accounts will increase as well as your income.

Let’s dig in.

5 Steps To A Successful YouTube Marketing Strategy


1.      Create A YouTube Channel

You can start the process by opening a brand account. Use the regular Google account to create a YouTube channel. Ensure that the account is under your name. In the setting section, you can still connect the viewers to your email address.

The brand account will usually permit multiple users to log in at the same time. Such an option will be ideal in growing your business. Beyond that, the brand account allows the user to open and manage different YouTube channels. 

2.      Know Your Audience

It is gainful if you understand the audience profile. Some of the things to know are viewing preferences. A section may prefer the mobile platform. Also, you should know the predominant age bracket. Last but not least, know the location of your audience.

As you use the YouTube channel for business, it has the analytics that helps you learn your audience. It will give you critical information, such as watch time. Please go through the viewers’ comments to know their expectations.

You can still perform a comparison between your social media audience and YouTube audience. Please get to know the popular content and use it to further your video ideas.

3.      Discover Your Competitors

Competition is common in business YouTube Channels inclusive. You can audit your competitors to understand your place in the industry. Try to identify at least five competitors that rank well on your keywords.

You can record viewership stats, and the subscriber counts. Check at the descriptions and titles to know the type of keywords that they use. Access the comment section to discover what the audience is saying.

Again Perform a SWOT (Strengths, Weakens, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis for each competitor. It is a perfect way of discovering what to use and what to avoid.

4.      Get Inspiration For Your Favorite Channel

You can go through your YouTube history and subscriptions. Pay attention to formats and techniques that attract the audience. Also, know how popular channels make engagement, drive views, and subscriptions.

Take note of any YouTube trending videos, even if they have different content. Understand the common length of the videos. Some may have a host.

Repeat the same exercise on your favorite brands. Know that kind of content that works for your business. Discover if you will employ your channel to offer tutorials or inform your audience.

5.      Optimize The Video For More Views

YouTube is a search engine that ranks the results by keywords, titles, and descriptions. Never forget that a YouTube recommendation algorithm will determine 70% of people who can watch it.

You can optimize the videos to stand a great chance of ranking well in the search results. You can do so by writing a strong title. Furthermore, include the relevant keyword after performing proper keyword research.

You should keep the most reliable keyword upfront. One should avoid excessive punctuation, sensational language, or all-caps.


Creating a successful YouTube marketing strategy may not differ much from one of a blog. You can run an effective YouTube channel as long as you optimize it well with the YouTube algorithms.

It is worth noting that YouTube is a search engine. As such, the right content will speak too highly on this search engine. As is that is not enough, you will experience improved chances of speaking to the masses.

At last, as you implement the strategies as above, you stand high chances of making a kill. After all, you want to access a large customer base through YouTube and sell your products and services.

Happy YouTube marketing!

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