5 Most Beautiful But Dangerous Places To Visit On The Planet

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Many of us know that the world is a safe place. Strangers are kind and have all goodwill at heart. However, some things happen that are stranger than fiction.

This article will focus on why you should not always focus on the most beautiful places but also consider your safety.

Many locations on this planet are exquisite, but you do not want to go there. Trust us because we know.

Those places seem friendly, and crime is almost non-existent, but once you venture into those places, there are much more evils that will murder you without even the local drug dealers playing a part in your demise.

Caribbean and Latin America

No one can even dare to imagine that sipping mojitos on any the Caribbean or Latin American beach can result in death. You must be a troubled pessimist if you think so!

However, I’m here to tell and advise you to think again. According to statistics, you are most likely to die in the Caribbean through a car accident, heart attack, or drowning than anywhere else on earth.

Data shows that at least 101 Americans have drowned in Costa Rica since 2002. Mexico led the pack among Latin American countries with 355 drownings, and the Bahamas followed closely behind with 83 fatalities.

The most disturbing thing is that some countries like Costa Rica have no safety laws that require lifeguards to be on their beaches at all times. It is also worth noting that Costa Rican beaches are home to some of the most dangerous sea creatures in the western hemisphere.

Gateway To Hell

If you have ever imagined how hell looks like, then I advise you to visit Darvaza Gas Crater in Turkmenistan, which has been christened the adorable name of “Gates of Hell.” The pit was dug during the Soviet era to mine natural gas, and soviets being themselves, decided to set the hole on fire once they realized they could not contain the natural gas coming out of the earth’s bowels.

That was back in 1971, and the pit has been on fire since then. The ideology behind setting the hole on fire was to ensure that the methane gas was rapidly escaping into the atmosphere. The scientists did not know the amount of methane they had dug up, which is why the pit is still burning even today.

It is a great place to go and visit, but you should be aware that the pit has explosions and flames that can reach up to 230 feet in diameter (70 meters). That is why the local people call it the “door to hell.” This tourist hotspot has been rated as one of the most dangerous tourist hotspots in the world.

Jungle Paradise – Madidi National Park

Everybody loves a good tourist vacation in the Amazon, right? While most people get the fun of their lives touring the Amazon, you should make sure that you do not end up at Madidi National Park, which is found in Bolivia in the Amazon River basin.

The national park covers around 19,000 square kilometers, and it is covered with a dense forest filled with all types of animals and plants from your worst nightmare.

Most people believe that only animals can harm you, but we can assure you that the flora in this forest will surely kill you. The animals that inhabit the forest are predators, and they will maul you the moment they set their sights on you. The United Nations has classified this national park as a protected reserve because of the dangerous animals that live there and exotic plants and birds.


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Iceland is a peace-loving country that everybody likes to leave alone in any global conflict. The Nordic island country boasts of ice and fire. While that combination might seem that it has been pulled from a movie, it is actually true. The volcanoes that are found on the island are unnerving at best.

In 2010, a volcano named Eyjafjallajojull caused a minor eruption and disrupted flights all over the island and many parts of Europe. While that was just a reminder of what it can do, you should remember that geologists have determined that Iceland is a powder keg waiting for someone just to light the fuse and blow us all back to the stone age.

The island has a massive stock of methane gas lying under the freezing ice. All it will take is just some scientist to try to dig through the ice and blow us all up with massive icy volcanoes.

If that does not get us, then climate change will do the job for us. Therefore, if you plan to visit the island, you better pack a jet pack to promptly fly you out of there if the supervolcano decides to erupt when you are still on the island.

Death Road – Bolovia

Bolivia is not the best place to visit as a tourist, as you may have garnered from a previous entry in this list. While the Bolivian Amazon is terrifying, there are more terrifying issues like the Death Road or, as it is known locally, “Yungas Road.” If you are looking for trouble, then this is where you should go.

The road goes through the mountains connecting the Bolivian capital with the northern regions. The route starts with a 15,000 feet climb that winds and goes down again.

Two vehicles cannot pass each other on the road, and once you start your journey, there is no turning back because the road is too narrow, and one side of the road has no barriers. That side drops down to more than 11,000 feet. The route boasts more than 300 deaths every year.

Cyclists love the road, but if you are a tourist and want to try out the road, you should know that at least 20 cyclist deaths are recorded every year. While it is terrifying, the view of the Andes mountains is still great.

Final Thoughts

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Our world is fantastic, and there are many amazing places to visit. The places in this article are not meant to deter you but to inform you. Many people have visited these places and experienced extraordinary adventures.

Please let us know about your thoughts concerning these places, or if you have any more sites you can share, please do so in the comments sections or our social media platforms.

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