5 Easy Ways To Stop Mosquitoes From Breeding In Your Backyard

Almost everyone is familiar with the high-pitched noise of mosquitoes, especially at night. Their sound is annoying, but the health hazards mosquitoes bring are enough reasons to eradicate them from your back yards.

Insect repellents work fine, but they don’t eradicate the whole colony of mosquitoes.

 Larva turns to pupae and finally and becomes an adult mosquito, and thus you have to use repellents continually. Nonetheless, there are better ways of controlling mosquitoes from breeding in your back yard.

Ways Of Stopping Mosquitoes From Breeding

1.      Eliminate Standing Water

Mosquitoes breed in puddles, ditches, flower pots, deflated tires, and untended yards. If you have any of these in your backyard, then start by eliminating water collected on them.

Mosquitoes can breed in as little water as one inch as long as the water is standing for several days. Therefore, ensure there is nothing to collect water to reduce the insect population.

What if you have a fish pond? Well, you can inquire from pest control agencies about treating the water without harming animals in the pond. How about swimming pools? Well, as long as you treat the water with chlorine, mosquitoes will fly by.

If you have things like tires, you can drill a hole that empties water into the ground or put then in a store.

2.      Invest In Insect Zappers And Magnet

Zappers and magnet are devices that kill insects when they come into contact with them. These devices, however, can only kill adult mosquitoes and not larva. In other words, you can’t stop insects from breeding if you use zappers and magnet, but you’ll minimize their population.

3.      Repellent Plants

There are some plants that mosquitoes dislike. So, as part of long term removal of mosquitoes from your home, you can plant these plants. Some of them include Lemon Balm, Basil, and Citronella Grass.

These plants have deterring qualities against mosquitoes, but they don’t eradicate them entirely.

 You have to rough these plants up for them to produce the repellent qualities. Therefore, these plants work best if you have an outdoor party whereby you can rough them before the party. Remember to prune these plants occasionally; otherwise, they’ll leave your home bushy.

4.      Prune Shrubs And Grass

Although mosquitoes don’t breed in the grass, they rest in it during the day. Ensure the grass in the backyard is five inches or lower to eliminate the chances of housing insects nearby. Consequently, mosquitoes will move to other places further from your house.

5.      Consider Pest Control Agencies

Pest control agencies have vast knowledge about controlling insects, birds, and rodents. So, give one agency a call and discuss removing mosquitoes from your home.

The pest control agency has its advantages. Besides the experience, they have useful equipment and ingredients to remove insects from your backyard. Moreover, they offer a control routine until your home is safe from pests, including mosquitoes.


Eliminating mosquitoes from your compound equals better prevention from various diseases, including malaria. Implement where applicable some or all the above tips to eliminate breeding venues for insects.

Also, contact the ideal insect fumigating company in your locals to best eradicate mosquitoes from your backyard.


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